Why Concrete Wallpaper Murals So Popular?

Just as faux effect wallpaper styles are incredibly popular for residential spaces, so too are concrete and brick wallpaper murals. These large-scale wall décor products not only offer stunning visuals, but photorealistic imagery that is sure to transform the room. In this article, we'll go in-depth on concrete wallpaper murals in particular, why realistic concrete wallpaper murals are so popular among interior designers and homeowners alike, and give you our top picks!


Cold Concrete M9216

What Are Realistic Concrete Wallpaper Murals?

Realistic concrete wallpaper murals are a sub-category of the larger "faux effect" style. As you can probably tell by its name, faux effect wallpaper mural patterns basically mimic or copy real life materials (hence the "faux"). Some of the most commonly seen styles include concrete, wood, and brick, but there are many other faux effect designs that are gaining in popularity. These include stone, marble, plaster, and tiles.

Many concrete wallpaper murals have a similar look, emphasizing a gray color palette. Concrete murals tend to emphasize an "unfinished" or "worn" look, with their patterns sporting design additions such as faux cracks, water stains, and chips. While many concrete wallpaper murals have a flat finish or surface (unlike wallpaper with a highly textured surface or finish), its visual style adds a textured look and feel to the walls.

Why Are Realistic Concrete Wallpaper Murals Popular?

Considered as one of the "top 3" in the faux effect wallpaper mural category, why is it that concrete patterns are so popular? One reason is its sheer versatility. With most of the patterns coming in a gray color tone, this neutral color is easy to use, even in fully decorated spaces. Gray, like black and white, can easily be paired with other colors. Pairing black with another color adds a dramatic effect, whereas pairing another color with white adds a minimalist touch. Pairing colors with gray adds a mature, sophisticated aesthetic.

Another reason why realistic concrete wallpaper murals are so popular is that many people love the unfinished look. Exposed walls and brick are all the rage, especially since it gives the space an authentic look. Using realistic concrete wallpaper mural is the next best thing to the "real" material since it's a photorealistic rendering. Similarly, the minor details on concrete wallpaper murals give it a rough, contemporary edge. The cracks and "damage" adds to its weathered appeal.

Lastly, realistic concrete wallpaper murals aren't distracting. They're perfect for those who want to add a stylish look to their space but may not necessarily want something "loud." Faux effect wallpaper murals don't really feature imagery as it is highlighting the material's look and feel.

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Featuring our Top Realistic Concrete Wallpaper Murals!


Rubbed Concrete Wallpaper M9232

 Of course, we have to start off our list with what most people think of when they hear "realistic concrete wallpaper mural." It's a no-frills (ok, some frills, but we'll get to that in a bit) concrete pattern that showcases the material in all its glory. It's the classic rendition of concrete wallpaper, complete with a gray color palette and weathered "marks." In the room shot above, the concrete wallpaper mural has been created with a personalized quote, something you can definitely add to your own custom mural as well. Concrete wallpaper murals are perfect for adding quotes because there's no imagery that makes the text hard to read or takes away from the visibility of the quote.


Concrete Band M8947

Now that we've got the "classic" out of the way, the rest of our top concrete wallpaper murals list looks at patterns that are a bit out-of-the-box. After all, part of interior design is about showcasing your personality. Concrete Band features a striped pattern, which makes this perfect for smaller spaces. Horizontal striped patterns create the illusion of wider walls, which could be just the thing you're looking for in your own home. Just the addition of the horizontal bands add a new visual element to the concrete design, giving it a more structured look.

For rooms with less lighting (natural or artificial), consider using lighter colors to create the look and feel of a more open space. This particular concrete wallpaper mural uses a much lighter color scheme than the others but it still retains the iconic concrete aesthetic. Unlike the previous example, this one features a more vertical design that's more geared towards a geometric style rather than simple stripes.

Speaking of geometric, this next realistic concrete wallpaper mural also features a geometric design that takes on a more 3D look. The use of subtle lighting and shadow creates the appearance of raised edges that seemingly "pop" off the walls. The faux cracks and "damage" on this wallpaper mural is even more pronounced thanks to its dynamic color scheme varying from dark to light gray.

Believe it or not, there are concrete wallpaper murals with a "softer" finish. Skipping the cracks and water stains in favor of a more polished look, this concrete wallpaper emphasizes a smoother appearance in both its design and color usage. The different shades of gray mesh well together, create a gradient look rather than one that highlights contrasting looks as in the previous example. With a vertical striped pattern, this creates the illusion of taller walls.


Reawaken M9204

Our last top realistic concrete wallpaper mural is definitely what you'd consider "out of the ordinary." It mixes in faux brick designs as well, creating a layering effect that is absolutely stunning. Peeling away the top "layers" reveals the naked concrete backing that adds to the weathered look. The gray concrete balances the red brick, creating a contrast of color that seems natural. The imprint of a solitary tree gives this wallpaper mural an artistic look and reinforces its creativity.


Realistic Concrete Wallpaper Murals Are An On-Trend Choice

The realistic concrete look is one that will never go out of style. Its timeless and versatile nature allows it to be used anywhere, anytime! Let us know in the comments below what type of concrete wallpaper mural YOU like best. Are you a fan of the plain classic concrete look? Or do you like something like "Reawaken," with its highly modern aesthetics?


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