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At Walls Republic, we thrive on the power of collaboration with creative individuals just like you. We are genuinely excited to witness the magic unfold as you interpret and utilize our stunning wallpaper designs to transform your spaces into something extraordinary. Whether it's a vibrant public venue or an intimate private sanctuary, we firmly believe that interior design is an exquisite extension of oneself, capable of reflecting and inspiring those who inhabit it.

Now, we extend a warm invitation to you, our fellow visionary, to share your unique collaboration ideas with us. We are eager to explore the endless possibilities and embark on a journey of artistic synergy together. Your ideas hold immense value to us, as they pave the way for new dimensions of beauty and innovation.

Don't hesitate to seize this opportunity to submit your collaboration proposals using the convenient form provided below. Let your imagination soar, and let's join forces to create extraordinary spaces that captivate hearts and inspire minds.

We eagerly anticipate receiving your ideas and embarking on this exciting creative venture together. Let's make design history!

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Whether you're an interior designer, architect, contractor, or creative professional, we invite you to embark on a journey of collaboration with us.
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Amber Guton

IG: blessedlittlebungalow

Amber, the creative force behind Blessed Little Bungalow is not only a talented interior designer but also a blogger and a travel lover. Her untraditional approach to designing spaces is authentic, refreshing, and collaborative.

Amber firmly believes that everyone should love where they live, and creating an aesthetically pleasing home shouldn't require spending a fortune. As a design-on-a-dime decorator for herself and her loved ones, Amber has been sharing her interior design journey, DIY adventures, and decorating advice with the masses. Her affordable and accessible approach to home décor has inspired many.

She believes that your home is a reflection of you and your place in this world. With her expertise, Amber can help you make your home a space that you love.

Collaborating with Amber was a true pleasure, and we were blown away by her talent, style, and creativity. We look forward to working with her again in the future and seeing more of her amazing designs.


Love your company! When Amber showed me this wallpaper design I said yes immediately!!!!!! Thank you for being a vessel in home design!!

Michelle Williams

Destiny's Child Member

By collaborating with Amber, we had the pleasure of working with one of her clients, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child. We were thrilled to hear that our wallpaper was selected for her home and honored to be a part of creating a space that inspires her.

At Walls Republic, we understand the importance of creating partnerships and building strong relationships with our collaborators. We value the unique perspectives and ideas that our partners bring to the table and appreciate the trust they place in us to provide quality products and exceptional service.


Experience "Boundless Possibilities"

with Walls Republic


IG: @noorofmyhome

Noor is a talented Interior Stylist who has mastered the art of contemporary glam on a budget.

With her knowledge, she curates a variety of carefully picked things that represent her unique style, providing you with a curated selection of affordable home décor, fashion, and beauty products.

Explore her suggestions and get ideas for changing your room into a modern paradise that emanates charm and grace. She shows you how to create a beautiful ambiance without breaking the bank, from fashionable furniture to modern accessories.


Noor, who has used our gorgeous wallpaper to transform her dining and living rooms. Noor has converted these places into mesmerizing zones of beauty and inspiration because to her remarkable design talents and exquisite taste.

Noor smoothly blended our wallpaper into her dining and living rooms as a result of our collaboration, exhibiting its high quality and appealing design. As a consequence, the ambience is simply beautiful, perfectly balancing flair and utility.

Experience our wallpaper's transformational power as it adds an exquisite touch and expresses Noor's distinct personality in every part of her dining and living room. The complex patterns and brilliant colors provide a visual feast that elevates the entire mood, laying the groundwork for remarkable events and memorable moments.

We welcome you to join Noor on her creative journey and be inspired by her amazing design concepts. Investigate the metamorphosis of her dining and living rooms, from the initial concept to the stunning end result. See how our wallpaper was instrumental in bringing her vision to reality.


Allow Noor's knowledge and our great wallpaper to inspire you as you imagine the unlimited possibilities for your own dining and living rooms. Discover the wonder that awaits when Noor's artistic flare is combined with our gorgeous wallpaper.