Wallpaper Pricing Guide

How to order free wallpaper samples

All of the wallpapers available at Walls Republic are priced and sold by the double roll*. A single roll or double roll simply refers to the length of the roll. Our standard double rolls (otherwise referred to as a bolt) are 33 feet in length with a single roll measuring half that amount at 16.5 feet long.

Standard double roll or bolt:

33 feet OR 10.05 meters (At Walls Republic all wallpapers are sold by the double roll)

Standard single Roll:

16.5 feet OR 5.02 meters (At other retailers and online stores wallpapers are sold by the single roll)

Other retailers or online stores typically price their products based on a single roll therefore, if we price a product at 100 USD it indicates that the price per single roll is only 50 USD.

*All Walls Republic wallpapers are priced and sold by the double roll. Adding a quantity of “1” to your cart indicates you will receive a double roll (bolt) of wallpaper.