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Healthcare Commercial Wallcoverings

Healthcare Commercial Wallcoverings

More than any other commercial design project, safety is a key factor when selecting the perfect wallpaper for a healthcare-related environment. Our commercial healthcare wallpaper category simplifies this process! Using non-hazardous materials and finishes, fully scrubbable surfaces allow for an easy-to-clean product that suits every need, whether the healthcare wallpaper is for a patient’s room, waiting room, hallway, or any other space that requires a clean environment. An additional feature is the BioPruf® treated surface, which prevents the growth of mold/mildew and bacteria.

On top of the safety features that our durable commercial healthcare wallpaper products provide, its durability and functionality is equally matched by its stylish visuals. Getting an on-trend look for a healthcare center is as easy as browsing through our products below. Get inspired and be creative!

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