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All Commercial Wallcoverings

All Commercial Wallcoverings

For your next commercial design project, choose something that will last!


Extensive Catalog.

Walls Republic’s commercial wallpaper offers designers peace of mind, whether you’re looking for scratch or stain-resistant wallpaper materials, budget-friendly products, or the latest on-trend looks. With hundreds of unique patterns, textures, and colors, we offer an extensive catalog of international wallpapers that have been carefully curated by our own designers.


Style and Functionality.

Our commercial wallpaper strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality and with our wide selection of products, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your business. Our commercial-grade wall décor products feature a variety of benefits: antibacterial finishes, stain resistance, environmentally friendly, easy maintenance, and washability.


Suitable for a variety of projects.

Our commercial wallcoverings are incredibly diverse and are suitable for a variety of different applications, including corporate offices, salons and spas, restaurants, daycares, schools, dental and medical centers, retail stores, nursing homes, and condos.


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