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Hospitality Commercial Wallcoverings

Create a functional yet stylish environment using our commercial hospitality wallpaper! Whatever hospitality design project you decide to tackle next, our extensive collection features interesting patterns that are not only eye-catching but versatile as well. Many of our commercial hospitality wallpaper feature a finish that results in a scrubbable surface, which are resistant to soaps and other detergents, making it much easier to clean. As with any commercial application, our hospitality wallpapers are designed with safety in mind, including up-to-date fire safety ratings (which can be found in the product information).

Our collection of commercial hospitality wallpaper helps to create a sense of unity and stylishness within the space, whether it’s with classic linear/striped wallpaper or a more modern textured design. When decorating any space in the hospitality industry, it’s important to think of how the area will be used, particularly by visitors and other guests walking through. From dramatic dark blues to light beiges, explore your options for hospitality wallpaper below!