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Salon & Spa Commercial Wallcoverings

Salon and Spa Commercial Wallcoverings

From the calm, relaxing space of a spa to the bustling setting of a nail or hair salon, our commercial salon and spa wallpaper collection is curated to fit every designer’s dreams! Salons and spas vary greatly in terms of their aesthetic needs and atmosphere so our catalogue offers a diverse selection, ranging from classic striped wallpaper to contemporary geometric looks. Whether you want a softer or lighter color to emphasize a more tranquil setting, or a bold color that speaks to the creative nature of the space, salon and spa wallpaper truly does come in all shapes and sizes!

Our collection of salon and spa wallpaper products has features that make it better suited to commercial application. The high-grade materials result in a wallcovering that is durable, standing up to the regular wear and tear of a high-traffic areas, such as a hair salon. The easy-to-clean surface is scrubbable, allowing for easy maintenance as well.

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