Flock wallpaper is a special type of wallpaper that resembles cut velvet, mimicking a historic aesthetic that remains elegant and sophisticated in modern times. These wallpapers contain fibers that are adhered to a surface, creating a dynamic appeal that creates that velvet look. Because of its highly decorative nature, flock wallpaper are used to dramatize the space, transforming the room to a more upscale appearance. Due to its more fragile materials, this type of wallpaper is better suited to lower traffic areas.

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Olive Flock & Bead Frame R3602

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Inherent elegance of velvet textures and rich patterns on Flocked Wallpaper 

The designs of flocked patterns were invented in 1700 to imitate velvet wall designs. Flocked wallpapers with exquisite velvet style and opulent appearance enhanced the aesthetic of every room. The versatility of flocked wallpaper designs has a wide range of unique patterns and features that help to add a touch of glamour. The fluffy surface material known as the flock is made up of extremely short viscose fibers that are electrostatically bonded to the carrier layer. Often utilized to provide a distinctive tactile feel are velvet fibers. Flocking patterns offer a stylish, cozy, and opulent atmosphere.  

The luxurious flocked textures provide a majestic pleasure. The flocked pattern comes in a classic and ultra-modern style.  The flocked design features textures like velvet. It comes with the adhering material and fine fibers like velvet, silk, and other fabric patterns.  

The wide range of popular patterns in the Flocked wallpaper collection, offers the unique style and charm that transform a room effortlessly and beautifully. Velvet designs for a luxurious shine and elegant charm that also adds sophistication with stylish ambiance.   

The damask style that inspired by traditional ornamental, floral, geometric, and glitter patterns and comes with brilliant color options of the Baroque era.  

Floral designs add the beauty and freshness of flowers with pretty color palettes.  

Geometric designs look stylish and create a modern wall décor.  

Toile that inspired by the 18th century and features designs like landscapes, and historical vignettes.   

Animal prints for a trendy look. Patterns like zebra print, tiger print, and leopard are popular.  

Baroque patterns the splendor of power and glory and the style is reflected by varied ornaments, glitter, and 3D reliefs.  

The flocked-style wallpapers are a versatile combination of many interior design concepts. From modern interior concepts to classic room designs, it compliments every style and ambiance. These wallpaper models feature contemporary embellishments and color schemes that are ideal for outgoing modern interior design concepts. Home and Office, stand for a great deal of uniqueness and detachment from the majority. Conversely, ornate, traditional baroque wall patterns also provide an intriguing contrast to contemporary furnishings. 

The modern interpretation employs historical aspects, such as Baroque, exquisitely. Light colors and high-quality materials define this trendy yet personalized look. 

Materials like velvet, silk, marble, gold, and silver are symbols of luxury. A wonderful method to emulate the lavish lifestyle of European royal courts is with damask-style flocked wallpaper. Exquisite wallpapers in the Baroque style of flocked are ideal for designing opulent interior spaces. 

The collection is an optimal and perfect choice for all spaces like Bedrooms, Living rooms, Bathrooms, Gallery, and Entrance. For the office or any working place such as coffee shops, restaurants, stores, etc. Even though flocked wallpaper is always an eye-catcher, in order to create a fabulous ambiance it needs other elements. 

Flock Wallpaper FAQs

Responsive FAQ
In which rooms flocked wallpapers suit well?
The fluffy texture and unique designs for a warm and sensual ambiance are the most suitable options for every room in the home and office. Bedrooms, Living rooms, Hallways, Gallery, or Entrance area. For a feature wall and comfortable interior design in Bedrooms. A creative texture and representative character for Living rooms. Welcoming walls and trendy aesthetics in Gallery or Hallways. For an eye-catching splendor and positive impression in Entrance areas.
What are the trendy or popular colors in the flocked wallpaper collection?
The collection of flocked wallpapers features vibrant, sparkling colors as well as soft, pastel hues. Among the colors that designers and design enthusiasts adore are black, white, blue, red, silver, and gold. Grey color for lightening spark, dark/light aspect, and clear contrast in a room. Black and White colors for bold and luxury statement. Blue color for a vibrant and cool ambiance. Red for the dazzling walls, the touch of vibrancy that enhances the mood. Gold color gives a touch of sun outshine, bursts confidence, and provides inspiration. Silver is a popular metal texture color that has a cool and elegant aura.
Which patterns are popular in the flocked wallpaper collection?
The flock style is reflected by the damask style and different popular patterns: Damask style: With traditional weaving techniques, these wallpapers are inspired by traditional design patterns and feature design includes various patterns like floral, geometric, glitter, 3D, and ornamentals. Floral designs: The charm of beautiful flowers enhances the aesthetic and adds a natural touch and freshness of floral motifs. Geometric patterns: Various geometrical shapes like triangles, hexagons, stripes, circles, and others create a stylish and modern wall or interior aspect. Toile patterns: These originated in 18th-century France and typically depict pastoral scenes, landscapes, or historical vignettes. Flocked toile wallpaper evokes a sense of nostalgia and whimsy, with charming motifs set against a background of lush foliage or architectural elements. Other popular patterns and designs in flocked wallpapers such as Animal prints, Stripes designs, and Baroque styles.
What are the special characteristics of flocked wallpaper?
Flocked wallpapers are a popular wall-covering design with velvet and damask-inspired designs. It create a trendy feature wall in every room. The flocked wallpaper has opulent ornamental designs that shows extravagant luxury. Flocked wallpaper models are characterised by embossed textures and tangible reliefs, which also include striking 3D representations. These wallpapers style are suitable for every room, whether it’s a bedroom, living room, gallery area, hallway, entrance area and also for the office space, commercial space like coffee shop, store, restaurant, and other. Flocked style wallpapers work perfectly with interior style like classic and moder interior designs. Flocked wallpaper collection is versatile that comes in a wide range of designs, patterns, colors, and styles to match the personal taste and interior style of every space.