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Watercolor Wallpaper

Turn your walls into a canvas with watercolor wallpaper! These beautiful wallcoverings feature artfully rendered designs that are unique and creative – perfect for any interior setting, from residential to retail alike. Watercolor wallpaper has a distinctive appeal that makes it stand out immediately, making any guest say “wow” as they enter the room. Watercolor wallpaper has a painterly aesthetic, which means you can still see “brushstrokes”. Some designs might feature areas in the pattern where the image fades into the background. This makes watercolor wallpaper look as if it has been hand painted by an artist.

In our extensive collection of designer wallpaper, nature-themed designs make excellent use of this painterly technique, featuring birds and plants in vibrant colors. More muted watercolor wallpaper styles are also available for those looking to create a minimalistic look. With its artistic qualities, watercolor wallpaper can often create a relaxing atmosphere in the room, making it perfect for areas such as a bedroom. Watercolor wallpapers range from modern designs to more traditional patterns, such as floral wallpaper.

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