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Spring is all around us! Flowers are starting to bloom again, and everyone loves flowers and spring - don't we?

Though we can’t go out, and staying home all the time can be quite overwhelming, this little sacrifice will protect our loved ones and help our frontliners save the world and win this battle.

We are with you in this fight! Together, we can bring the outdoors inside the comfort of your own home. The sun’s going to shine again and everything’s going to be warmer. And as we look forward to sunny days, we can make your quarantine projects and lock-down list come true without hurting your budget.

Spread love, hope and positivity and let our wallpaper do the talking!

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Dry Erase Wallcoverings

Looking for fun and stylish way to effectively express your flowing juicy-ideas and creative concepts at work? Or want to stay organize at home and get everything done, in the right order? Our Dry Erase wallcovering is the perfect choice for you! From boundless office brainstorming sessions to that to-do-list at home, Walls Republic got you covered!

This high quality magnetic, high gloss or low-gloss commercial grade dry-erase wallpaper is very easy to install and has a perfect wall covering solution that blends a clean aesthetic appeal with a practicality that traditional wallpaper is not known to have.

Let’s turn your walls into an artist's canvas, an inventor’s idea board, an entrepreneur’s workspace for a very affordable pricing. Our Walls IQ or Dry Erase Wallpaper has no size limitation and can be placed on any wall be it a flat or curved surfaces in your home or educational, corporate, and commercial settings.

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Wallpaper Styles of Month

Each month, our designers are choosing two different yet equally stylish wallpaper categories that deserves your attention. For this month, we’re featuring our very affordable newest launched Mural Wallpaper and a wallpaper material! Our New Arrivals Mural Wallpaper is perfect for creating that on-trend artistic backdrop in your home or commercial space. These large-scale images feature rich colors and beatutiful pattern that are sure to draw people’s attention. The second Wallpaper Style of the Month is natural wallpaper. These are wallpaper products that are created using environmentally friendly materials, such as mica or cork. Natural wallpaper has a highly textured surface, perfect for adding character to your walls!