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Customizing Wallpaper Murals With Quotes

Posted on February 05 2019

Customizing Wallpaper Murals With Quotes

Wallpaper murals offer you a world of customization options. You can really create a space that is truly one-of-a-kind! One such way you can edit wallpaper murals is by adding a custom quote directly onto the image itself. In this article, we'll be going through why you would want to add a quote to a mural, how it affects the mural, and show off some stunning visual examples of wallpaper murals with quotes.


You Can Customize Wallpaper Murals In Many Ways!

Unlike residential wallpaper or commercial wallpaper, wallpaper murals are products that are made-to-order. In other words, they're printed on a case by case basis and you can full take advantage of this to custom edit your own wallpaper mural. Whether you want to change the scale, color, or even choose your own image, wallpaper murals are a great way to get custom artwork for your next design project. Another way you can custom edit a wallpaper mural is by adding a quote.



Why You Should Add Quotes to Your Custom Wallpaper Mural

Since wallpaper murals are made to order and are custom fit to the wall's exact specifications, no two products are the same. That being said, adding a unique quote can make the product feel even more on-of-a-kind. Working with our in-house design team, you can choose the exact text, suggest a font, font size, placement, color, and more.

Why add custom quotes to your wallpaper mural? First, it adds a sense of ownership and customization. It'll be completely unique, even if you're using one of the digital images from our catalogue. The addition of a quote not only differentiates it from other wallpaper murals, but it can also create a stronger connection to the space itself. For example, if you're designing the interior of a retail store, having the brand's name, logo, and/or motto on the wallpaper mural is one way to make the space feel more unified. It acts as an extension of the brand's identity. Similarly, if you're designing a bedroom for a residential project, choosing a quote that's meaningful to the owners is a great way to add sentimental value to the wallpaper mural.



What types of quotes are popular for wallpaper murals? One of the most popular categories is inspirational quotes or sayings. For examples, take a look at the room shots featured so far. These inspirational quotes can add a sense of optimism to the room, but they're also very flexible as well since they don't really refer to anything specific.

Other popular categories for wallpaper mural quotes include personal quotes (perhaps it's one of your own sayings), quotes from established works (e.g. movies, books, film, song lyrics, etc), names, important dates, and so on. Just as wallpaper murals themselves are a flexible product that can be customized to endless degrees, you can be creative with quotes as well!



Examples of Wallpaper Murals With Quotes

Classic Pug M9224

Sometimes the quote can be related to the imagery, such as the dog wallpaper mural above. This adds a bit of character to the imagery. Note the different font for the word "Beware" versus the font for "lethal and dangerous." You can play around with different sizes and fonts to create a dynamic and interesting look.


Ochre Planks M9201

Here's an example of an inspirational quote. You might also want to add a small vector image alongside the quote to really bring out its meaning and to visually emphasize it on the wallpaper mural. Here, the quote is showcased in a dark brown, which matches the warm color scheme of the wallpaper mural.


When To Add Quotes to A Wallpaper Mural

Not all wallpaper murals look good a quote. For instance, you will want to stay away from wallpaper mural images that feature a lot of complex designs or clutter. When text is added, it should be easy to read and it needs to stand out from the rest of the image. Quotes work best when it's on a plainer background or where there's adequate space for the text. Here are some examples of wallpaper mural images where adding a quote may not be the best idea:


Whimsical Ornamental Paisley M9457

While this gorgeous blue and white wallpaper mural is stunning, the complex background doesn't lend itself particularly well to basic text. For those who want to add a quote to this wallpaper mural, you may want to request that the quote be placed on a blocky background first. Note the legibility of the quote with and without the background on the image above. The cityscape wallpaper mural below also has a similar issue – there aren't really any empty areas where a quote would naturally fit, though a quote can theoretically be added with the appropriate design elements, like the rectangular background. It's up to you to decide whether or not this is an aesthetic you're satisfied with or not.


On a Hong Kong Skyscraper

On the other hand, here are some examples of wallpaper mural images that will look good with a quote, regardless if you add a "text box" behind it or not:


How To Add Quotes to A Wallpaper Mural

The first step in creating your very own custom wallpaper mural is to open a line of communication and get in touch with our in-house graphic designers. You'll work closely with us to determine the placement of the text, the sizing of the quote, font options, color of the text, and more! It's a collaborative process and one that ensures that the finished product not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.


Custom Wallpaper Mural Quotes

Adding a quote to your custom wallpaper mural is a great and easy way to have fun with your new stylish wall décor product. If you had to choose a quote, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below!



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