Creative Faux Effects Wallpaper And Mural Styles

Faux effect wallpaper are not only on-trend with their stylish looks, but are a great way to transform the space into a contemporary oasis. From classics like brick and concrete to cozy wood and leather, faux effect wallpaper styles are those that mimic “real” materials. Modern wallpaper features “paste the wall” technology, allowing for easy installation and removal. What this means is that you can get the trendy look without the mess of using real materials.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at faux effect wallpapers and wallpaper murals that are “out of the box.” In other words, they’re a bit more creative than traditional faux effect, sometimes combining different wallpaper categories together to create a unique appearance.


Neutral Stylized Concrete R5112

Concrete wallpaper murals are among the most popular styles because of its highly contemporary look. The gray color scheme emphasizes an industrial feel. However, this first wallpaper we’re highlighting takes the traditional concrete pattern and gives it an abstract, “painterly” look. The stylization of the conventional concrete design gives this wallpaper a creative feel, especially with the different colors and visual accents. This concrete wallpaper keeps some of the similar motifs – such as separating the design into different blocks or “sections” – but overall, it’s a creative take on the concrete look.


Cracked Wood R5283

Wood wallpaper often has a clean cut look that makes the space feel cozy and warm. While not as abstract as the previous example, Cracked Wood is a wallpaper that emphasizes a rustic visual style over one that is more modern. It features heavy visual effects that make the wood design feel as if it’s been aged. From faux water stains to broken chips and cracks, this interesting wood pattern is sure to add some character to your space!

Plain Concrete R5384


Going back to concrete wallpaper, this one features a heavy use of textures and colors to replicate the concrete look while adding a unique twist to it as well. The cloudy appearance has an abstract style that allows it to be easily used in any area of the home. While traditional concrete wallpaper murals look best on larger walls, abstract wallpaper are much more flexible and versatile. Need subtle yet trendy wallpaper for a small powder room or den? This abstract concrete gives you the faux finish look!


Weaving Straw R5066

When you think of “faux effect wallpaper,” the most common “materials” that are represented include brick, wood, and concrete. Lately, plaster and marble have also joined the mix, providing alternative styles. However, let’s take a look at another faux material that’s less common: straw. This wallpaper features a lifelike straw weave, perfect for creating an inviting, playful look in spaces such as the living room, hallway, and kitchen. The small details on the straw “strands” adds to the authentic representation.


Aged Faux Wooden Boards R5107

Wood wallpaper is popular for many reasons. It adds cozy warmth to the space with its handcrafted look. It’s also very versatile, adapting well to spaces both large and small. Our next unconventional faux effect wallpaper is a more modern take on wood wallpaper. It’s less traditional, opting for a contemporary, artistic representation. While conventional wood wallpaper features wooden “planks” of one size, this one is a collage of different wooden pieces that have been fitted together to create a randomized look.

Scratched Stone Tile Wallpaper Blue and White R4764

If the traditional brick wallpaper look isn’t what you’re looking for, why not look to other types of stone instead? This elegant faux effect wallpaper features a rough overlay of grey stone, something that’s definitely out of the box compared to other faux wallpaper styles. The various divots and breaks add an organic, authentic look that is sure to be the center of attention in any space.


Structures - Big Wooden Poles


For a more classic wood wallpaper look that still adds a unique touch to the space, Big Wooden Poles is a faux effect wallpaper mural that combines traditional with contemporary. The large-scale wood pattern has a slight 3D effect, thanks to the photorealistic nature of the design. This makes it “pop” off the walls, adding a degree of originality and depth to the space. With any wallpaper mural, you can use it as a feature wall (on a single wall) to create an area of interest in the room.


Weathered Planks M8974


For a wood wallpaper that trades in the clean-cut look for something more weathered, this one is similar to the previous example as it’s also a large-scale wallpaper mural. However, the darker color scheme and “rough” style gives it a much different aesthetic. It has a gritty appearance, adding a more modern, stylized look to the room. The fading colors also gives it an interesting look, making the imagery more dynamic and engaging.


Worn Tiles M9202


Last but not least, let’s end our creative faux finish wallpaper list with one that is truly out of the box. Actually, it puts many different patterns into boxes! Wood, plaster, tiles, concrete – many different types of faux finish materials are represented on this one wallpaper mural. It’s a collage of different imagery and patterns, creating a unique look that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. You’ll never get bored of this particular faux effect mural because it’s full of small details and eye-catching designs.

Faux effect wallpaper and murals are among the most popular because of their unique look that’s also versatile and transformative. The next time you have a space that’s due for a makeover, consider using faux effect styles to liven up the space and add an artistic energy to the room!


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