Stylish Photorealistic Wallpaper

Wallpaper patterns come in a variety of different categories, from traditional damask to contemporary geometrics. Today, we’ll be looking exclusively at photorealistic wallpaper. These are wallpapers that try to mimic things we see in real life, whether it’s a location, object, or material. Photorealistic wallpapers are often a stylish choice for homeowners because it adds a layer of uniqueness and authenticity to the space. Many times, it adds a touch of modernity to the room.


Delicate Floral Arrangement M9309

One of the most obvious places to start looking for photorealistic wallpaper is in the digital mural category. Wallpaper murals differ from traditional wallpaper due to its larger scale, and a high-quality printing process that results in crisp, clear images. While regular floral wallpaper can range from a stylized depiction to a more realistic representation, it’s still missing that photorealism that makes it look as if it’s actually there in the space. Delicate Floral Arrangement features large-scale flower blossoms with a minimalist color scheme. The large white spaces add a delicate look to the digital mural, while the intense pink provides a degree of visual interest and contrast.


Contemporary Firewood Wallpaper R3707

While digital murals generally offer endless options for photorealistic wallpaper, don’t sleep on “traditional” wallpaper just yet! More designers these days are incorporating photorealism into their designs, offering homeowners plenty of choice. Faux effect wallpaper ( (sometimes referred to as “faux finish”) is one wallpaper category entirely dedicated to representing real life materials such as concrete and brick. This particular wood wallpaper is a really interesting and creative take on wood designs, which are more commonly represented as slabs or wooden planks. Piling wood in this way gives it a geometric look, but one that doesn’t compromise on its photorealistic nature.


Curving Marble R5335

Another faux finish wallpaper, this one features a geometric overlay on a marble background, which provides an eye-catching layered look. Marble wallpaper can be represented in a more abstract manner, but this one stays true to how real marble actually looks like. What makes this wallpaper so stylish is how chic the design is. The additional geometric pattern on top helps segment different marbling patterns into different sections, providing a structured look that is effortlessly on-trend.


Contemporary Faux Leopard Print Beige and Yellow Wallpaper R4168

One of the best features of photorealistic wallpaper patterns is that you can achieve original and interesting looks without using the “real” thing. Of course, this is standard definition of faux finish wallpapers, but even within this category, there will be some styles that surprise. Take this faux leopard print for example – it features an animal print that has an almost geometric aesthetic to it as well. The warm colors add a cosiness to the atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for smaller rooms and communal spaces.


The Gherkin, London

Landscape and urban-themed wallpaper murals have the power to transform your space, making it look and feel as if you’re on an international adventure! This particular wallpaper mural features the uniquely shaped Gherkin building, one of London’s iconic landmarks. With photorealistic imagery, all of the small details are brought to light, whether it’s the small windows on the buildings or the shifting colors of the sky. Best used as a feature wall, this urban wallpaper mural has a highly contemporary look that can be customized to your specific space. Whether you want to change the colors, substrate, size, or even add personalized text, wallpaper murals offer a lot of ways to get creative.


Newspaper Stacks Contemporary Wallpaper White and Grey R4674

Moving to a more abstract take on photorealistic imagery, it might be hard to see what this image is exactly (but once you figure it out, you’ll no doubt have your own “aha!” moment). Want the answer? It’s a close-up look at a stack of newspapers! As one of the most creative wallpaper patterns on this list, it takes the idea of “photorealism” and really turns it on its head. From far away, the pattern looks more like an abstract print with its array of colors and seemingly random design. Close up, the small details convey the actual image of the newspapers. With its horizontal placement, this wallpaper also has the look of striped wallpaper. For rooms that are smaller or oddly shaped, consider using striped wallpaper to make the space feel larger than it actually is.


Pendant Lights M9012

Lastly, the use of photographic imagery can be used to substitute other design elements in your home. If you’ve always wanted to hang a fancy, high-end chandelier or lighting fixture in your home but you don’t have the space, consider a budget-friendly wallpaper mural that’s not only easier to install, but brightens your room in more ways than one. Pendant Lights is a stylish, sophisticated mural that adds a mysterious elegance to the room. The simple black background puts the focus entirely on the imagery – the various spherical lights also have a geometric appearance that add a more modern touch.


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