How Marvelous! Trendy Marble Wallpaper and Murals

It's official. Interior designers and homeowners are all raving about marble wallpaper. It's an on-trend wallpaper pattern that's been growing in popularity for a while now and we don't expect the marble craze to end anytime soon! What makes marble wallpaper patterns so popular? Why and where should you use? Read on to find out!


Why Are Marble Wallpapers So Trendy?

Before we dive into why marble wallpapers in particular are so popular right now, it's important to put it into context first. Marble wallpapers are a part of the larger "faux effects" wallpaper category. These are wallpaper designs that mimic real life materials, such as brick, concrete, and wood.

Designers use faux effects wallpaper as a way to achieve a very specific aesthetic – the iconic red brick creating the feel of a loft space, weathered concrete for a contemporary appeal, rustic wood for a cozy and warm look, and so on. Faux effects wallpapers are designed with a lot of smaller details that help bring the faux "material" to life. Not only is it a stylish wallpaper category, it's a cost-effect way to get the look of the material without having to splurge on the real deal.

So why are marble wallpapers so trendy these days? First, marble designs are a good balance between contemporary and classic aesthetics. It's got that sophisticated, high-end look but also a casual, more relaxed approach that's minimalist in its details. Like many other faux effect wallpapers, marble wallpapers have a more abstract design that make it a great choice for both small and large rooms alike. This means marble wallpaper isn't just a visually gorgeous choice, but one that's versatile as well.



Where To Use Marble Wallpapers

Marble wallpaper designs can be quite flexible. One way to use marble wallpaper is throughout the entire space on all walls, creating a timeless look. Some marble wallpapers with a more minimalist design could even be used as a complementary wallpaper to a feature wall. This creates a unique dynamic look.

Marble wallpaper patterns are versatile and can be used almost anywhere. In the bedroom, living room, and dining room, marble wallpaper elevates the surroundings, creating a sense of luxury and high-end appeal. In spaces like a home office, powder room, or hallway, using marble wallpapers on the walls can help create a relaxing atmosphere that's more minimalist.


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Curving Marble R5335

We're starting off our list with an iconic marble pattern but with a bit of a twist. This one features a minimalist geometric overlay that mixes curved sections with straighter lines to create a dynamic contrast that adds a sense of movement to the overall design. What we love about the geometric portion of the design is that it segments the marble background into different sections. If you look closely, each marble section is its own design, and not a continuation of the one adjacent to it.


Modern Geometric Marble Wallpaper Pastel Pink R4808

This particular marble wallpaper also features a geometric overlay, but one that has more of a visual impact and becomes the center of attention. That's not to say that the marble background is lost – the pastel pink marble provides a subtle get sophisticated background that boosts the stylishness of this faux effect wallpaper even more. Whereas the previous geometric overlay was more curved, this one is all about straight lines.


Classic Faux Marble Wallpaper Mural Light Green M9302

Just looking for a classic, no-frills marble wallpaper? We've got you covered as well. After all, the marble pattern itself is already quite iconic. This pattern features everything you would expect from a marble wallpaper – an eye-catching, elegant finish that creates a luxurious look for any space. It's featured above in a very light gray-green that infuses the room with a high-end appeal.


Marbled Jewel Wallpaper Taupe and Orange R4796

Looking for a marble wallpaper pattern with a bit more color? This one features a denser marbling arrangement with sweeping taupe and gold colors. While maintaining a mostly neutral color scheme that makes it versatile for a variety of rooms and color palettes, marble wallpaper designs with color add a unique twist to the regular design. We're also a huge fan of the teal and orange version of this wallpaper as well.


Marbled Tiles Contemporary Wallpaper Grey and Beige R4703

Looking for something completely different? This marble wallpaper's pattern is quite unique and out of the box! Divided into different squares, this combines a faux effect marbling with a geometric finish in a way that's completely different than the first few marble wallpaper on our list. This tiled look makes it perfect for spaces such as the kitchen, powder room, or even bathroom. The different marble patterns within each square adds something different to the overall design.


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Don't Forget About Marble Wallpaper Murals!

For those who want to create something extra special in their space, why not consider a wallpaper mural? These custom-sized wall décor products are made-to-order and are the perfect choice for a feature wall. With a high degree of detail and rich colors, here are some of our favorite marble wallpaper murals!


Golden Mineral M9444

When we think of marble wallpaper, our mind usually goes to the typical lighter-colored marble, such as white, off-white, pastels, or light gray. However, marble wallpaper (and wallpaper murals) truly do come in all different colors, such as this one here. It's a much darker take on marble patterns, emphasizing deep brown, rich orange, and black. This contrast between the dark and light colors results in a marble wallpaper mural that's just unforgettable.


Dotted Marble Wallpaper Mural White and Black M9257

On the other hand, creating a bold aesthetic doesn't necessarily mean using vibrant or strong colors. Homeowners can create a dynamic look with just black and white. What this marble wallpaper mural lacks in color it makes up for in terms of sheer attention to detail. From the curving lines to the dotted detailing, this marble wallpaper mural is elegance distilled to a more minimalist approach.


Painted Marble Wallpaper Mural Teal and Gold M9253

Lastly, we're turning once more to colorful marble wallpaper patterns and we can't end our list with anything other than one of the most popular marble patterns in our catalogue. Painted Marble is a faux effect wallpaper mural that's one of our bestselling products, and it's not hard to see why. The absolutely stunning teal colors are truly transformative, creating a wonderful, designer look for any space. The cool color tone plays off the warmer gold color nicely, with the golden colors providing a nice accent to the overall wallpaper mural.


Don't Miss Out On Marble Wallpaper Patterns!

What's great about marble wallpaper and marble wallpaper murals is that these designs are timeless – they'll never go out of fashion. While vibrant colors add a sense of modernity to the marble design, overall, marble patterns are used to add a sense of luxury and sophistication to the space. Be sure to check out other marble designs at Walls Republic!

Don't forget to let us know which one of these marble wallpaper or wallpaper murals is your top pick! Are you more into classic marble patterns, or would you go all-out with a vibrant marble color? Be sure to comment below or share your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (don't forget to tag us)!


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