Marble Wallpaper Patterns That Will Transform Your Home! (Part 2)

Marble is On-Trend This Year

Welcome to part 2 of our 2-part article on one of our favourite 2017 wallpaper trends: marble wallpaper patterns! In the previous article, we talked about how marble patterns fit within the existing faux finish category. Just to refresh, while brick, concrete, and wood are among the more popular faux styles, we think marble has reached the same level of popularity! That’s why we’re seeing it so often in interior design.

In this article, we’re going to go more in-depth on marble wallpaper patterns and how they can be used to completely transform your space!



Classic Faux Marble Wallpaper Mural Grey M9301 - The "traditional" marble that we probably all think of. Its classy, traditional look is truly timeless!  


Marble Wallpaper Patterns for Your Space

What makes marble wallpaper patterns perfect for any space is its versatility. Similar to other faux finish styles, marble patterns hit all of the checkboxes that allow it to be used in numerous settings:

Whether it’s for residential or commercial spaces, marble inherently presents a sophisticated, elegant look. It can be used in high-end interiors or in more casual settings. It’s also a style that’s easily incorporated into any room type, from bedrooms and dens to hallways and powder rooms. This is primarily due to its natural look.

The abstract, irregular design makes it useable in both large and small spaces. While small-scale patterns tend to look best in smaller rooms (such as powder rooms, bathrooms, or small bedrooms), large-scale patterns shine on larger walls in larger rooms such as living rooms, hallways, and master bedrooms. However, abstract patterns such as marble are not considered “small” or “large” scale, making it work for

all spaces. Similar to other abstract wallpaper, there is a larger emphasis on color usage and how different colors on the pattern interact with each other.


Making a Bold Statement - With Color or Without!

We touched on this a little bit in part 1, but marble wallpaper comes in a variety of colors that exceed that of any other faux finish style. Here are some colorful and not-so-colorful examples:


Dotted Marble Wallpaper Mural White and Black M9257 - A minimalist yet bold take on marble. Its design features speckles and dots that give it a dynamic look.


Painted Marble Wallpaper Mural Teal and Gold M9253 - A more colorful take on the marble design. This one mixes faux finish and watercolor aesthetics together into one, memorable image.  


Simple Faux Marble Wallpaper Taupe R5039 - A more abstract marble design using a soft, peachy/pink color.  


Modern Geometric Marble Wallpaper Blue and Silver R4812 - A marble wallpaper using a geometric design. It's the best of both worlds!


Color plays a key part in setting the tone of the room and can even have an impact on our mood. From bold, golden tones that have a regal look to minimalist black and white, finding a marble wallpaper pattern that suits your needs is simple. More colorful marble patterns, such as those in vibrant blues and oranges, tend to add a higher degree of energy to a room. More subdued colors, such as white, grey and taupe, are best used to add a classic, more traditional touch to a space.


Marbled Jewel Wallpaper Grey and Blue R4798 - Pastel-toned marble wallpapers are among the most popular this season.  


Regular Marble Wallpaper or a Marble Wallpaper Mural?

Similar to other abstract patterns, marble wallpaper is often used on all walls in a room. However, there are times when you may want to create a feature wall (click here to read our in-depth article on creating a feature wall for your space).

Wallpaper murals, different than regular wallpaper rolls, are often used to create a feature wall. The idea of a marble wallpaper mural may seem like an odd choice. After all, feature walls should showcase very distinct, large imagery, and marble has a more subtle design with its swirling patterns.

However, marble wallpaper murals still offer a fantastic image that sparks conversation. Again, color plays a large role in setting the tone so opting for a brighter, more colorful marble mural is one way to design the space. Take a look at some interesting marble wallpaper murals below:


Geometric Mineral Collage Wallpaper Mural Navy and Gold M9271 - This marble mural puts an emphasis on showcasing the beauty of natural materials.  


Marbled Tigers Eye Wallpaper Mural Orange and Black M9258 - This bold marble wallpaper mural makes the perfect feature wall.  


When choosing a marble wallpaper to use as a feature wall, you can also consider patterns that are more detailed in their design. Here are some examples:


Blue-Grey Alabaster M8927 - This marble mural features a stunning display of intricate details.  


Marble Cubes M8977 - The tile marble effect looks great on larger walls.


Marble is Marvellous in 2017

Using a marble wall covering is one 2017 wallpaper trend we can definitely get behind! The designs are so varied that it can be used in any situation, which is perfect for today’s fast-paced, ever changing interior design trends. In our opinion, marble patterns are among those that will never go out of style. Its timeless appearance will make it a great choice for any space for years to come!


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