Marble Wallpaper Patterns That Will Transform Your Home! (Part 1)

Marble Wallpaper Patterns: Our Favourite 2017 Wallpaper Trend!

For 2017, we’ve seen more marble wallpaper patterns than ever before. This hot new style is unsurprising, given how faux finish wallpapers have been trending for so long. In part 1 of this 2-part article, we take a look at how marble wallpaper patterns fit into the current faux finish category and what makes marble so unique.


The Diversity of Faux Finish Wallpapers

Faux finish wallpapers are those that mimic real life materials. Instead of installing ceramic tiles or looking for an apartment with an exposed concrete wall, using high-quality wallpaper is an efficient and cost-effective alternative. You skip the messy, time-consuming installation process with “paste the wall” technology that modern wallpapers are known for.

Faux finish wallpaper can range from more abstract, stylized patterns to those that offer a photorealistic image of the “real” thing. It all depends on the type of mood you’re hoping to create for your space. Artistic, modern, playful, elegant, and more!

When looking at faux finish wallpaper patterns, we can see two distinct categories: the “original 3” are patterns that have always been around and represent the most popular and well-known faux finish styles. On the other hand, the newer designs (what we’re calling the “new kids – or patterns - on the block”) showcase images of different materials or patterns.


The “original 3”

The ones you may be most familiar with are wood, brick, and concrete. Take a look at some examples below:


Brown Timberland R2571 - This wood wallpaper offers a cozy, rustic feel.  


Marsala Running Brick R2587 - The classic red brick look creates a modern atmosphere.  


Rubbed Concrete M9232 - This concrete wallpaper mural has a strong weathered, industrial aesthetic.  


These three faux finish wallpaper styles have been extraordinarily popular over the past few years, and with good reason! The patterns are easy to use, whether for a smaller space or a large area. Its versatility allows it to be the perfect choice for use in both residential and commercial atmospheres.

In terms of mood, these tend to be more:

  • Rustic, aged, weathered, and industrial. Think broken concrete images or old brick walls. These tend to have a "lived in" look or highlights a more historic feel.
  • Contemporary, modern, and classic. The flexibility of these patterns allow it to be both modern and classic, especially with patterns such as red brick – a favourite among interior designers.

The new kids (or patterns) on the block:

Of course, wallpaper designs have evolved over the years and we’ve seen the rise of other niche patterns that feature different materials, such as ceramic tiles, plaster, and broken stone. Here are some of our favourites:


Ceramic Floral Tiles Wallpaper White and Grey R4673 - A classic tiled look with the messy installation!  


Cloudy Stucco Wallpaper Light Blue and White R4792 - A photorealistic image for added realism.  


Scratched Stone Tile Wallpaper Grey and White R4763 - Broken stone tiles create a historic look.  


A New Faux Finish On The Rise: Marble Wallpaper Patterns

However, in this article, we’re going to focus on one particular pattern that’s been trending this year. Marble wallpaper patterns have been gaining in popularity, rivalling that of the “original 3”. In fact, we’d go so far as to put marble on the same level as brick, wood, and concrete – so maybe we should rename that category to “the trendy 4!”


Classic Faux Marble Wallpaper Mural Pastel Pink M9300 - The classic marble look is absolutely stunning.  


What makes marble wallpaper patterns so popular?

First, the material that these wallpapers mimic is inherently stylish. Think about the applications for real marble in everyday life – it’s a luxury material that you see in high-end settings, whether that’s a marble countertop in a kitchen or marble walls in a hotel’s reception area. Of course, marble wallpaper patterns offer the same luxurious look at a fraction of the cost.


Marbled Tiles Contemporary Wallpaper Grey and Blue R4677 - Mixing together geometric and marble aesthetics to create an entirely new look.  



Contemporary Faux Marble Textural Light Gold Tiled Marble Wallpaper R3721 - An interesting take on marble patterns.  


Why are Marble Wallpaper Patterns so Trendy?

Just like any other design, marble wallpaper patterns can be mixed and matched with other categories to create a new style. For example, take a look at the pattern above. The marble pattern is mixed with a geometric tiled look that gives it a more structured aesthetic. Similarly, the Marbled Jewel Wallpaper below mixes the traditional marble look with a painterly watercolor aesthetic, resulting in an artistic look.



With faux finish patterns such as brick, wood, and concrete, there are certain colors that are more prominent than others. For example, brick wallpapers tend to be seen in red, white, and black; wood wallpapers tend to be shades of brown; concrete wallpapers and murals are generally grey. When we think of “marble,” the traditional colors that come to mind are white and grey, like the one below:


An example of a marble countertop.  


However, marble wallpapers tend to come in a variety of colors – both classic and modern.


Marbled Jewel Wallpaper Cyan and Orange R4800 - Vibrant colors not normally associated with patterns such as wood, brick, and concrete.  


This marble wallpaper above mixes cyan and orange colors to create a feast for the eyes - the colors are absolutely gorgeous. Instead of the more classic marble look that is definitely more minimalist, the bolder colors add a contemporary edge to this marble wallpaper pattern.

Stay Tuned for More on Marble Wallpaper!

And that concludes part 1 of this 2-part series! We’ve taken a quick look at the faux finish category and what makes marble wallpapers so interesting. First, the recent rise of marble wallpaper patterns is by no means a mistake. Faux finish wallpapers that mimic real life materials have always been popular. Marble wallpaper patterns do have a slight edge over other patterns. It's available in a variety of colors that allow it to stand out even more.

In our next article, we’ll talk more about how marble wallpapers can be used in your own home!


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