Geometric Feature Wall Wallpapers to Make Your Home Look Like You Hired a Professional Designer

Geometric wallpapers are great for adding a vibrant feature wall to your home and are an unexpected gesture.

Graphic geometric wallpapers are also perfect for children with their highly stimulating patterns and bold colours.


Cerulean Cluster Bedroom Wallpaper R2224


This Cerulean Cluster wallpaper is a playful Spirograph pattern of overlaid geometric forms. Its metallic line work and strong sense of rotational movement make it an exciting feature wall in a children's bedroom.



Monogram Tile Feature Wall Wallpaper Mural by Walls Republic M8836


Monogram is a digitally printed impeccably realistic Spanish tile wallpaper mural. This wallpaper makes a stunning impression with its vivid hues and large graphic medallion pattern.



Malaga Black & White Wallpaper Mural M8842


A simple black and white tiled pattern creates high contrast making a striking graphic feature in this kitchenette.


Optical Illusion Black Geometric Wallpaper R2245


This black and white geometric wallpaper is a great feature wall with high contrast and visual impact. The optical illusion pattern will have your guest engaged.


Surroundings Geometric Wallpaper R1830-R1831-R1832


If you are a fan of colour, try a bold feature wall in one of the Surrounding pattern's daring colours such as blue, radiant orchid, or crimson. Brighten up a bland stairwell or hallway for an unexpected surprise. The rhythmic pattern will bring a remarkable sense of movement and playfulness to your walls.


Ochre Cone Contemporary Geometric Wallpaper R2292


Ochre Cone will bring an architectural sense to your walls. The distinctive cone pattern creates an immense sense of depth through the layering of form and its high contrast hues making it perfect for your feature wall wallpaper.


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