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Vintage Rugs

Designs inspired by patterns, ideas, and concepts that are decades old are the vintage rug collection which brings the class element inside the space. These rugs complement spaces that could be modern, contemporary, or even eclectic. These vintage distressed or overdyed designs are a result of an innovation crossover between the fashion and the home decor industry. Characterized by these distressed, overdyed, or multicolored patterns, these rugs carry a story of old history and greatness in their designs. Vintage-style machine washable rugs can be identified with their traditional elements of scrollwork, borders, floral motifs, and medallions. These rugs are created by making new rugs with crisp and bright colours which are later carefully washed, dried, and treated for removing strong stains and odours to create a distressed vintage look. These rugs are famous and preferred for their “lived-in” look and act as the classic element in a contemporary environment. It could either be that explosion of colour with a backdrop of contemporary minimalistic design or it could be the elevating entity when paired up with classic transitional design concepts. These rugs are carefully treated and sealed to make them machine washable so they do not lose their design, colour, or distressed effect.