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Geometric Rugs

Ruled by the standards of mathematics, geometric rugs are often characterized by linear or curvilinear patterns that repeat themselves in an organized format. They can be limitless and diverse in their patterns and vary from simple shapes to complex conjunction of multiple shapes to make way for interesting patterns. These rugs are colorful, dynamic and vibrant and are based on the principles of geometric mean or abstract, asymmetric proportions. These are statement pieces that anchor all the elements of the room in a trendy and bold way. From patterns like colour blocking to concentric patterns based on the shape of the rug, there are so many different ways these geometric rugs are created. But it is safe to avoid pattern-on patterns within the space while incorporating these rugs. Instead of a lighter rug with other geometrically patterned items, it is always safer to have a single large-size geometric rug paired with simpler and subtler wallpapers and furnishings. These rugs can also be used as runners or bedside rugs that can bring in a sense of direction of movement within the space. Neutral Geometric rugs can also be used to elevate the natural light and its source.