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Oriental Rugs

Rugs made with patterns originated in East, Central and Middle Eastern Asia, the Oriental rugs are clean and have the character of shape. The oriental design patterns are known to have harmony, and intricate designs blended with warmth. Carrying the same pattern concept are the Oriental Rug collections rich in intricate geometrically symmetric patterns in colours that emit a sense of warmth and cosiness. These machine-washable rugs are known for their varied and rich patterned design and are available in multiple forms and patterns. The recti-linear or curvilinear fluid patterns are bold whereas floral patterns tend to have an abstract effect. These rugs have had rich cultural and religious roots from their initial inception and usage as prayer rugs, to being used in palaces and royal courtyards. The modern-day patterns hold the richness and intricacies of these rugs and continue to retain the storytelling feature of the old-age rugs.