Combining Murals, Dry Erase, And Wallpaper

Combining Murals, Dry Erase, And Wallpaper


Wallpaper murals, home wallpaper, commercial wallpaper, dry erase wallcoverings – with so many different types of wall décor products, it may seem like an impossible task deciding which one is absolutely perfect for you and your space. Whether you're decorating your bedroom, the lobby of a salon, a kitchen, or a retail store, choosing the right wall product can make the space look absolutely stunning and unforgettable.

If you're having a hard time trying to choose between using wallpaper or a mural, why not choose both? In this article, we'll go over how you can combine wallpaper murals, home/commercial wallpaper, and dry erase in different combinations to get the perfect aesthetic for your space.


The differences between murals, dry erase, and wallpaper

There are many differences between all of these wall décor products, but we'll go over the main ones to keep in mind. First, wallpaper murals are large-scale wall décor products that are typically used as a feature wall. They usually showcase a non-repetitive image (though some patterns do have repetition like regular wallpaper).

Next up are home wallpaper and commercial wallpaper. We've gone over the major differences in our previous article, Residential Wallpaper vs. Commercial Wallpaper, but here are the basics that you need to know. Commercial wallpaper is manufactured specifically for commercial or public spaces, such as retail, restaurants, hotels, corporate offices, and more. These tend to have plainer patterns compared to home wallpaper, which features a much larger array of different imagery and styles.

The fourth and final wall décor product is dry erase wallcoverings, which is all about functionality rather than aesthetics. You can use dry erase markers to write on the surface and easily wipe it off to erase it. Essentially, it turns the walls into a writeable surface!



Why combine different wall décor products?

Combining different wall décor products is one way to get the "best of both worlds." If you have your heart set on a wallpaper design but you still want your space to be functional and convenient, combining it with a dry erase product can give you both: aesthetics and versatility.

Using different types of wall décor products also adds an interesting visual element that transforms the room in a different way than using a single product type. For example, if you're pairing a wallpaper mural on one wall with a commercial wallpaper on the other walls, then these two will play off each other, creating a visual dynamic that is engaging and unique.

Mixing and matching wall décor products also allows you to be creative and take your imagination to the next level. You can achieve a lot of unique combinations, making your space feel truly one of a kind.


How Do I Select The Right Combination of Wall Décor Products?

Some wall décor product combinations are much easier to tackle than others. For example, wallpaper murals are meant to stand out, so it's best to pair murals will other wallpaper designs that accentuate the mural even further. Consider home/commercial wallpaper patterns such as textures, organic, and faux effects. On the other hand, dry erase wallcoverings don't feature imagery – it's just a plain, white surface. That being said, it really does match well with any other wall décor. In this case, you may want to choose something bright and visually interesting. Pairing wallpaper/murals with dry erase creates a contrasting look.

Home wallpaper can swing either way. Some wallpaper patterns feature a lot of complex, diverse imagery, making them suitable for use throughout the space or as a single feature wall. This makes home wallpaper quite flexible when it comes to choosing the right pattern to pair up with another wall product.

Selecting your wall décor product combinations can come down to a few questions:

1. Do I want a functional space? If the answer is yes, you're probably looking for a dry erase wallcovering product that can turn the wall into a fully writeable surface.

2. Are visuals/imagery/color important? If the answer is yes, wallpaper murals and home wallpaper are your go-to categories as both feature a much wider variety of patterns.

3. Do I want to create a feature wall? If the answer is yes, again, your two categories to check out are home wallpaper and wallpaper murals.

4. Am I decorating a commercial space? If the answer is yes, definitely be sure to check out the commercial wallpaper section since these products are made with commercial/public spaces in mind.


Here are some of our favorite "combination" looks!


Oil Portrait M9452


Hunter Green Van Gogh Oil Painted Flowers R6029

Watercolor wallpaper and other art-themed patterns and aesthetics are incredibly popular. They have a very sophisticated appeal, adding a soft yet high-end look to any space. If you're an art-love and turning your space into a gallery is your dream goal, we've got the perfect combination for you.

The centerpiece is the Oil Portrait wallpaper mural, which has been paired up with Painted Flowers (which itself is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh!). The deep, dark color schemes add a mysterious and elegant look to the space. Because the colors are on the darker side, this combination is best used in rooms that see a fair amount of natural or artificial light. Darker colors tend to make rooms feel smaller, so it's best to keep this in mind. For a similar theme but with lighter colors, take a look at our Painted Colors mural, which can be paired with white or light blue wallpaper.


Tiled Stone M8961


Cobbled Wall C7226

When decorating a commercial space, it's important to keep a balance between style and professionalism in mind. However, that doesn't mean you can't create a stylish, one-of-a-kind look! Pairing a wallpaper mural with commercial wallpaper, our next wall décor pairing takes the best of both worlds to create a stunning look. The wallpaper mural, Tile Stone, offers a photorealistic representation of gorgeous tiles.

The clean aesthetic has a minimalist feel, which is enhanced by the commercial wallpaper, Cobbled Wall. The commercial wallpaper pattern has a light texture that contrasts nicely with the larger tiles on the wallpaper mural. With both featured in a gray color, you can easily use this even in areas with an established color palette. After all, neutrals do pair nicely with other colors!


Navy Blue Nautical Motif R5980


WALLS IQ Dry Erase High Gloss Wallcovering

Some of the newest home wallpaper patterns in our collection make the perfect backdrop for a kid's bedroom or playroom. Nautical Motif is playful and engaging, with interesting colors and imagery that any child would love. The cartoon images are not only eye-catching, but the use of a plain background prevents the wallpaper from becoming too complex or gaudy. This pattern can work as a single feature wall or throughout the space.

With this unique wallpaper print, we've paired it up with our WALLS IQ Dry Erase High Gloss Wallcovering. With this, your kids can actually draw on the walls, wipe it off, and start again. With this combination, you can either use the wallpaper on three walls and the dry erase on one wall, or the wallpaper on one wall and the dry erase on the other three.


Marbled Metallic Copper Natus Wallpaper C7164


WALLS IQ Dry Erase Projection Wallcovering

If your primary objective is to create a functional and versatile space but still maintain a professional aesthetic, consider looking to two distinct wall décor categories: commercial wallpaper and dry erase wallcoverings. Our WALLS IQ Dry Erase product features a low-gloss finish, making it suitable for use with projection devices.

We've paired this up with a commercial wallpaper, Natus. It's a fully washable and scrubbable cork wallpaper featured above in a gorgeous burnt orange color. Plain enough not to be distracting while simultaneously providing a minimalist on-trend look, this combination maintains a balance between functionality and style.


Combining wall products makes for an interesting setting!

When combining wall décor products, focus on two different types of products. This keeps things simple and straightforward. Adding a third type can make the space feel overly busy, while pairing two products together creates a sense of unity within the space. Think of how colors work together – do they match or do they create a nice contrast?

If you're still unsure whether your two wall décor choices fit together, don't forget that you can order free wallpaper samples. These are around letter-sized samples of the actual wallpaper that will be sent right to your home. It'll give you a chance to touch and feel the wallpaper and see the true colors. We'd love to hear from you so be sure to share this article using the social media links below and let us know your thoughts. What two wallpaper products would you mix and match? Dry erase on three walls with a wallpaper mural as the feature wall? Home wallpaper mixed with commercial wallpaper? Let us know in the comments below!


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