Pairing Traditional Wallpaper with Framed Murals

In one of our previous articles, Wallpaper Trends: Using Wallpaper Murals As Art, we talked about how you can frame wallpaper murals to create an artistic look. In this article, we’re going a step further by pairing a framed mural on top of a wall that uses traditional wallpaper (in other words, regular wallpaper with a repeating pattern). By combining the two, you can achieve a creative mix of imagery that reinforces a specific color palette or theme!


How To Choose Your Wallpaper and Mural

One of the first steps is to choose your wallpaper mural. This is the image that will be framed and acts as the centerpiece of the wall. Look for images that are non-repetitive or those that feature a single image. While you can frame a geometric mural, it’s not going to have the same visual impact if you chose a wallpaper mural where the image has a single focus.

The next step is to choose your complementary wallpaper. This is the wallpaper that will be installed over the entire wall and acts as a backdrop to the main framed digital mural. Consider choosing wallpaper themes that enhance the selected wallpaper mural, or wallpaper colors that are a good fit for the color palette of the mural.

There are several ways you can “test” digital mural and wallpaper pairings. If you have an image editing program, like Photoshop, you can simply download the images and edit them (like we’ve done below). This can give you a quick way to see if the wallpaper and digital mural work well together. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our free wallpaper samples offer. This way, you can get physical samples and test them in real life, rather than just on a screen. This is particularly useful if you have one digital image chosen but you’re still choosing between several other regular wallpaper patterns.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics, let’s take a look at some interesting wallpaper/digital wallpaper pairing!


For Those Who Love The Open Road

The Hidden Road M9406

We really like the pairing of these two wall décor products because of its earthy, natural color scheme. The vibrant greens of the digital wallpaper mural really pops off the walls thanks to the more muted color scheme of the traditional wallpaper. Individually, both of these wallpapers are quite complex in terms of its imagery – the map with the text and lines, and the mural with the aerial view of the forest. However, pairing these two together doesn’t create an overly complex aesthetic, but rather a nice complementary imagery with an interesting travel-inspired theming.


Turn Your Space Into an Art Gallery

Oil Portrait M9452

If you’re an art lover, framing a digital mural and using it on top of regular wallpaper is an excellent way to show off your creativity and create an unforgettable look for your room. This next pairing is very much steeped in traditional/classic styles, with rustic damask wallpaper acting as the background. For those who want a bit more color, the damask wallpaper also comes in a pale pink or a light blue version. This particular damask pattern uses a beige and taupe color scheme, providing a similar color palette to the framed mural. One of our newest digital wallpaper murals, Oil Portrait, features all the hallmarks of a real life painting. Digital murals have a high-quality finish that results in gorgeous colors and crisp details - guests won’t even know that it’s a wallpaper product, and not an actual painting!


Adding a Touch of Nature To The Room

Japanese Blooming Peony M9454

Your chosen digital mural adds a burst of color to the space, and that’s definitely true for our next image. Japanese Blooming Peony features rich colors, ranging from bright yellows and pinks to deep greens. The flat 2D look of the stylized flowers is a great contrast to the grasscloth wallpaper used on the walls. Most grasscloth wallpaper have a heavily textured surface, adding a tactile look to the walls. It’s also an environmentally friendly product that uses natural materials. Shown above in a brown color, the neutral colors of the grasscloth helps to accentuate the vibrant colors of the mural.

Creating A Fun Urban Design

Last but not least, our final pairing emphasizes a clean, contemporary aesthetic. The background wallpaper is a white brick faux effect design that’s one of our most popular patterns and it’s easy to see why. It has a fresh, minimalist look that works well on its own or as a complementary design. The white brick wallpaper helps to emphasize the main digital mural, but it also balances out the color palette as well. In terms of the framed mural, we’ve chosen one of our latest favorites, another aerial mural that shows a busy intersection. While there are many cityscape wallpaper murals to choose from, we like the geometric look of Toy Taxis, which also pairs nicely with the brick design.

Do you have any wallpaper and wallpaper mural combos you want to show off? Share this article on Twitter/Facebook, tag us, and let us know what your dream combination looks like!


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