Using Commercial Wallpaper In Residential Space

If you've visited our site, you'll notice two major wall décor categories are residential wallpaper and commercial wallpaper. Residential wallpaper, as its name implies, is suitable for home use. Commercial wallpaper are perfect for contract design projects and public spaces, such as hotel lobbies, retail stores, restaurants, hospitals and other commercial applications. However, just because commercial wallpaper are used for these spaces, doesn't mean homeowners can't use these products in their own home. In this article, let's go over why you would want to use commercial wallpaper in residential settings!


Differences Between Residential Wallpaper and Commercial Wallpaper

There are many differences between residential wallpaper and commercial wallpaper, but for the purpose of this article, we'll only be highlighting the main ones to consider. While both residential wallpaper and commercial wallpaper are used on the walls to add a stylish look for the space, these products are actually quite different, not only in how they are manufactured but also their intended uses.



Residential wallpaper works best within the home or residential environment. The wallpaper product is generally thinner than commercial wallpaper and is typically less durable as well, so the surface can be more easily scratched or dented. Given that most homes don't see as much foot traffic as public spaces, this isn't a real issue anyway. One main advantage of using residential wallpaper is that they are much more varied in terms of their imagery and style.

Modern commercial wallpaper are manufactured to adhere to specific industry regulations, meaning they are suitable for large scale design projects and public use. For example, one such standard that commercial wallpaper is made with include specific fire ratings that make it a safe product for public spaces. Commercial wallpaper is generally thicker and more durable, and can withstand more wear and tear. Most commercial wallpaper designs focus on plain colors or textures so they are intended to work well throughout the space or can be easily added after most of the interior is already completed.




Why Use Modern Commercial Wallpaper In Your Home?

Many areas within your home can benefit from the advantages that modern commercial wallpaper has. For example, since commercial wallpaper is more durable, consider using it in rooms with a lot of foot traffic or activity. Hallways, foyers, and entrances all see more activity throughout the day, so using more durable wallpaper in these spaces means you won't have to worry about scuff marks or dents.

Likewise, using commercial wallpaper in children's play rooms or bedrooms can be the perfect solution since these products are easier to clean; many modern commercial wallpaper are washable and scrubbable. Commercial wallpaper is generally more resistant to water, making them appropriate for wet or more humid areas such as a bathroom, powder room, or kitchen.

While commercial wallpaper has a smaller selection of patterns to choose from (most are textures or plain color), this may not be a bad thing at all depending on your usage. Even plain commercial wallpaper provides a more stylish look than regular old paint and there are many different textures wallpaper that have its own high-end, on-trend look. As always, we recommend homeowners take full advantage of our free wallpaper samples in order to get a true sense of the look and feel of the product. Since commercial wallpaper emphasize textures and colors over imagery, it's important to get a first-hand look at the actual product. With all that said, let's take a look at the top commercial wallpaper that would look right at home in your home!


Shop Our Top Commercial Wallpaper!


Minimalist Fold C7197

Available in over a dozen different colors, Minimalist Fold features a vertical design that can help make short or small walls appear taller. Striped wallpaper has always been an easy way for interior designers to create the illusion of a larger space, and this modern commercial wallpaper uses its linear pattern to do just that. It's not just actual wallpaper imagery that sets the mood - adding a burst of color can help transform the space and change the atmosphere.

Textures wallpaper is a style that dominates the commercial wallpaper category. Why? Because it's easy to use in pre-decorated spaces, can fit both small and large rooms, and it adds a sense of character to the walls that regular flat paint can't match. Rugged Jeans is an example of how a textured look can change the look and feel of the walls, transforming it into something much different. It's subtle, yet adds a minimalist luxurious look.


Simple Plain C7347

Many commercial wallpapers are available in a wide selection of colors, but you can always bet that there'll be neutral colors to choose from. Neutrals (like black, white, gray, beige) are easy to use because they pair well with other colors. If your bedroom or living room already has furniture/décor and the only thing you have left is to add is wallpaper, consider the current color palette of the room and see whether choosing a neutral color can help tie everything together. This plain textured commercial wallpaper has a concrete-like aesthetic, giving the walls a minimalist yet on-trend appeal.

Rich Lima C7122 

In general, most commercial wallpaper you'll come across feature small to mid-sized imagery, whereas residential wallpaper can include large-scale imagery as well. That doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style for durability though! There's an effortless elegance to commercial wallpaper, such as Rich Lime shown above. It's a more nuanced look that helps to unify the space, rather than being the center of attention. Of course, modern commercial wallpaper is an excellent choice if you've created a feature wall and want more minimalist-themed wallpaper to compliment it.


Paneled Paint C7392

Paneled Paint, one of our newest and most popular commercial wallpaper products, mixes different wallpaper style categories together to create something truly eye-catching. It has a textured finish, giving it a tactile and dynamic look. It also resembles stylized wood patterns, similar to designs found in our faux effect category. What we love best about this commercial wallpaper is that the different bands of color come together to create a visual feast for the eyes. The brown, beige, and taupe works well together to create a warm, welcoming pattern that would be right at home in any residential space.


Modern Commercial Wallpaper Is More Versatile than you think!

What benefit or advantage of commercial wallpaper stands out the most to you? Is it the increased durability, washability, or another feature? Post it in the comments below! We'd love to hear from you too so be sure to share this article using the social media links below and let us know your thoughts.


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