Ordering Wallpaper Online: Get Started With These Guides!

Ordering wallpaper online can be a daunting task. After all, your home is important to you so you’ll want to search around for the best product that’s right for your space. If you’re new to wallpaper, you might run into some terminology that sounds confusing. In this “mini-guide,” we’ll work to point you in the right direction and simplify the process so that when it comes time to choosing a wallpaper, it’ll be stress-free!


miami beach wallpaper mural

Miami Beach M9078A


1. Residential Wallpaper versus Commercial Wallpaper

Many wallpaper websites divide their catalogue into two larger sections: residential wallpaper and commercial wallpaper. When you browse through the two categories, the difference is not only in the patterns. First, residential wallpapers are generally for the home environment, whether it’s a bedroom, powder room, or kitchen. Commercial wallpapers are those for specific projects, such as a hotel lobby, restaurant, or health care facility. Thus, commercial wallpapers have specifications that are much different than residential wallpaper. For example, a hotel lobby would require a wallpaper that is much more durable since that area experiences heavier traffic than a home. For general home projects, you’ll be browsing through the residential wallpaper section.


Bagasse R2014


2. Wallpaper Terminology

We’ve put together a home wallpaper terminology page that will help first-time buyers understand what common wallpaper language means. If you click on the “Types Of Wallpaper - Material & Composition” section, you’ll learn about the different wallpaper materials, such as grasscloth, flock, glass bead, and vinyl. Each of these materials have different benefits and considerations depending on the room you’ll be wallpapering. For example, grasscloth is a natural material that’s environmentally friendly, but it tends to be more fragile than vinyl.


Brown Twisted Wood R2565


3. Installing Wallpaper By Yourself!

With modern wallpaper, “paste the wall” technology allows for a simpler installation process that isn’t as messy as before. Our Walls Republic University offers brief guides on how to install residential wallpaper, commercial wallpaper, and wallpaper mural wallpapers. Take our mural installation guide as an example. In it, you’ll find quick tips, tools that you'll need, how to prep your walls, the early stages of wallpaper installation, trimming, and more.


damask wallpaper

Rustic Painted Damask Wallpaper Taupe and Blue R4850


4. Look for Additional Benefits When Ordering

Here’s a quick tip for you budding interior designers! If you’re buying online, you’ll obviously know that it’s much easier to shop around. However, one thing to keep in mind is to look for wallpaper e-stores that offer additional benefits before, during, and after the ordering process. For example, look for free wallpaper samples. That way, you can order a small sample of the wallpaper designs that catch your eye (spoiler: we have an upcoming article titled “The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Always Order Wallpaper Samples,” just in case you’re still not convinced!). Another benefit to look out for is guarantees that make the process stress-free for you. For example, our “You’ll love it, promise!” means you can shop with peace of mind.


Wood Weathered Herringbone Wallpaper White and Grey Brown R4664


5. Draw Inspiration From Visual Sources

Wallpaper is inherently a visual product, a piece of art for your walls. It speaks to your creativity, sense of style, and personal tastes. Consider checking out a photo gallery and other image databases to get a sense of what sort of imagery, color, or style you want for your space. Are you hoping to create an upscale, trendy living room with a lighter color scheme? Or do you want bold, dramatic wallpaper for the bedroom with darker colors? Even if you think you’ve set your mind on choosing a blue wallpaper, always take the time to browse through different wallpaper colors just to see what’s out there. Likewise, exploring wallpaper styles and wallpaper themes can be a great early step as you narrow down your choices. Lastly, be sure to look through a wallpaper site’s Instagram page since many times, there will be a lot of room shots that give a much clearer shot of how a wallpaper will look within the space.


Newspaper Stacks Contemporary Wallpaper White and Grey R4674


6. Don’t Be Afraid to Shop Sales!

Many wallpaper websites offer a sales or outlet section that features products at a discounted price. Don’t think of “bargain bin” wallpapers as low-end, aged designs. In fact, you can score some designer looks for cheap! Many times, wallpapers in the discounted section are just patterns that are discontinued so there’s only a few rolls left. This makes it the perfect opportunity if you’re wallpapering a smaller room, for example. Either way, “cheap” doesn’t mean “ugly!”


blue sky wallpaper mural

Painted Blue Sky M9315


7. Shopping The Latest Looks

Many wallpaper sites also organize their wallpapers in a “New” category that features the latest designs to hit their shelves. This is where you can browse through the newest patterns the store has to offer, making it a great way to spot the latest wallpaper trends. For example, late last year, watercolor wallpaper were making a huge splash (no pun intended) in the interior design scene. More wallpaper designers were using this gorgeous aesthetics in their own work. Watercolor wallpapers have gotten so popular that wallpaper sites now dedicate an entire category to it! In short, if you’re the type of person who enjoys being a trend setter, looking through the “new” wallpaper section is definitely one of the best ways to go.



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