Top 5 Reasons Why Consider Dry Erase Wallcovering

Wallpaper and wallpaper murals aren’t the only type of wall décor that you should consider. There’s a third type that mixes versatility, functionality, and stylishness all in one budget-friendly package. Dry erase wallcoverings is another category that definitely deserves your attention. Compared to the other two wallpaper types, dry erase wallcoverings is still a bit of a niche product, but in this article, we’ll be listing the top 5 reasons why you should consider dry erase wallcoverings in your next project!


1. Dry Erase Wallcoverings Are Functional!


Dry Erase High Gloss Wallcovering

A dry erase wallcovering allows you to write on the surface using markers and easily erase everything by wiping it off – pretty simple! This essentially transforms one or all of your walls into your very own notebook, perfect for jotting down ideas, drawings, and other notes. This makes dry erase wallcoverings highly functional compared to traditional wallpapers and wallpaper murals (you definitely don’t want markets anywhere textile wallpapers!


2. Dry Erase Wallcoverings Helps Save Space And Cuts Down Messes!

Dry Erase Magnetic Wallcovering

Make those clunky and bulky whiteboards on wheels a thing of the past. When you transform one of your walls into a dry erase surface, you’ll end up saving a lot of space. With the dry erase magnetic wallcovering (pictured above), you can also use magnets to attach papers and other documents to the surface. Not only does this save them in a safer location where they can’t be missed, but it’ll clear up your desk for other important work.

In a commercial project, the education sector is an example where dry erase wallcoverings can be truly effective. Replacing dusty chalkboards with a dry erase surface not only removes the mess of dust, but you won’t even have to worry about broken or frustratingly small chalk pieces either.


3. Dry Erase Wallcoverings Can Be Paired With Regular Wallpaper!

While dry erase wallcoverings don’t feature any imagery on their own, it can still be a stylish part of your interior design. Because of its minimalist, neutral-colored look, dry erase wallcoverings can be easily paired up with other wallpaper to create a space that’s both functional and trendy. Debating which wallpaper style to get? When choosing what wallpaper to pair your dry erase wallcovering with, consider going for one with a white background, making it blend nicely into your dry erase wall. It’ll look like a natural part of the room’s décor!


4. Dry Erase Wallcoverings Are Versatile and Come In Different Types!

Dry Erase Clear Paint Solution

Whether your next interior design project is for a residential or commercial space, dry erase wallcoverings are quite versatile and can be used in any application. At Walls Republic, we offer 4 different types of dry erase surfaces, each with their own unique benefits. The standard one is the high-gloss surface, which adds a subtle yet stylish look to your room. The clear paint solution allows you to control where you want the dry erase surface to be, whether it’s the entire wall or just a small section of it. The dry erase magnetic solution features a magnetic surface, meaning you can stick notes and other items to the wall. Lastly, the low-gloss wallcovering is meant to be paired with projection devices.


5. Dry Erase Wallcoverings Allow You To Be Creative!

Low-gloss Dry Erase Projection Wallcovering

Dry erase wallcoverings have a huge potential, but are even better suited for certain applications. In a corporate setting, adding a dry erase surface to one of the walls can allow for some pretty neat usage. For example, the dry erase projection wallcovering has a low-gloss finish, making it perfect suited for use with a projection device. PowerPoint presentations can be done on the fly without having to worry about an appropriate screen or glare. The dry erase projection wallcovering can also allow for brainstorming sessions among employees as well!

While using dry erase wallcoverings in a home may seem odd, there are many applications where it makes sense! In a residential setting, dry erase wallcoverings can be an excellent addition to a home office, much like in a larger scale business environment. For a kid’s room, installing a dry erase wall transforms the surface into their own canvas, allowing them to get creative and really make the room their personal space. It’s the one time you get to encourage kids to draw on the walls! Lastly, dry erase wallcoverings can also be useful in the kitchen, especially for those who enjoy creating recipes and making notes on new ingredients to use.


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