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5 Reason Why You Should Use Wallpaper Mural for Your Office

Posted on February 21 2019

5 Reason Why You Should Use Wallpaper Mural for Your Office

At Walls Republic, we offer an impressive selection of commercial wallpaper that's been carefully curated for your business' needs. However, there are other wall décor options! For business owners that want something special for their space, let's talk about wallpaper murals instead. These are large-scale wall décor products that are sold in panels, rather than rolls. Unlike regular commercial wallpaper, wallpaper murals generally feature a large, non-repetitive image. However, why would business owners want to use a wallpaper mural instead of commercial wallpaper? After all, isn't it all the "same" product? Definitely not! Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a wallpaper mural for your business!


#5: Wallpaper Murals Are Made To Order

Regular commercial wallpaper rolls are mass produced, while wallpaper murals are made-to-order. What does this mean? It means that the wallpaper mural product you're receiving is custom printed just for you! On any of our wallpaper mural product pages, you'll see an option to select "Custom Size." Simply click that option and you can fill in the exact specifications for your wallpaper mural's width and height, right down to the exact inch! It's the best way to get the picture perfect fit for your business.



Businesses come in all different shapes and sizes, so we make sure our custom wallpaper murals do too. After all, a "one size fits all" approach just won't do when you're trying to make your business space look absolutely stunning. Business wallpaper murals look as if they're a natural part of the space.


#4: Wallpaper Murals Offer Realistic Details

From the urban city and the rural outdoors to artistic backdrops and vintage designs, wallpaper murals offer business owners realistic details that are out of this world. Whether it's the tiny detailing of a window or gradual color changes, using a wallpaper mural for your business is like putting up a giant photograph on your wall.


The Hidden Road M9406


Stylized wallpaper mural imagery is just as impressive with its rich colors and crisp details. The printing process for our wallpaper murals will provide business owners with a polished, high-quality product that will make their commercial space shine for years to come!


#3: Add Branding And Other Custom Designs To Your Wallpaper Mural!

One major benefit wallpaper murals have over regular wallpaper is that you can customize it. Business owners who really want to make their wallpaper mural theirs will definitely want to take advantage of how they can edit their product. One easy way to put your stamp on it is to add content related to your business. This can be as simple as adding text, such as your business' name or motto to a part of the mural. You can also add vector images, such as business logos.




To get started, why check out our previous article, Customizing Wallpaper Murals With Quotes? It'll give you some basics in terms of what to look for when you want to add text to a mural. Next, simply contact our in-house design team with what you have in mind. Printing a wallpaper mural can be a collaborative process, especially if you want your wallpaper mural to include unique elements for your business.


#2: Wallpaper Murals Allow For Budget-Friendly Options

Whatever your budget is for decorating your business, wallpaper murals are a budget-friendly option. Business owners may not necessarily want to cover up the entire wall so you can order a wallpaper mural that's smaller than your wall. In our other articles, Wallpaper Trends: Using Wallpaper Murals As Art, and Pairing Traditional Wallpaper With Framed Murals, we talk about how you can use wallpaper murals in unexpected ways.



Framing a wallpaper mural is an inexpensive way to create a beautiful, artistic look for your business' space. It adds a touch of color and vibrancy, while maintaining a subtle, more minimalist look. Be sure to discuss your options with our in-house designers!


#1: Wallpaper Murals Create a Unique, Memorable Atmosphere

Wallpaper murals are perfect for setting the tone or mood of the room. Whether you're decorating a small corner café or a large, established retail store, creating a unique atmosphere that your visitors will remember is an absolute must. Choosing to use a wallpaper mural for your business means transforming the setting and creating a visual emotion within the space.


Fishing by the Shore M9293

Wallpaper murals are best used as a feature wall. Business owners may want to pair their new mural up with other wallpaper to create a unified look throughout the space. Since murals are meant to grab people's attention, consider putting the wallpaper mural somewhere you want visitors to see first.


Transform Your Business Environment With A Wallpaper Mural!

Retailers, spas, corporate offices, restaurants – commercial spaces these days don't have to be dull and bland. Using a wallpaper mural for your business not only adds energy and life to the space, but it also creates a strong visual impact for your visitors. We'd love to hear from you so be sure to share this article using the social media links below and let us know your thoughts! Are you a business owner? What types of wallpaper murals would you use in your space? Let us know in the comments below!

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