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Working on a corporate design project? Whether you're decorating a small start-up or a large, established company, using commercial wallpaper is an excellent way to unify the space, create a designer look, and add a professional stylish touch. In this article, we'll be going over why you would want to use commercial wallpaper in the first place, how and where to use these wall décor products, and highlight some of our top pick for corporate commercial wallpaper!


Why Use Modern Commercial Wallpaper in Corporate Spaces?

Creating an environment that's engaging, welcoming, and professional can easily be done through corporate commercial wallpaper. While paint can be used to add a bit of color to the space, modern commercial wallpaper go a step further with many more advantages over regular paint. Over time, paint becomes duller, casting a less-than-impressive look over the entire space. Paint also accentuates chips and dents on the walls.

On the other hand, corporate commercial wallpaper is manufactured with specific features in mind. These type II wallcoverings are thicker than traditional residential wallpaper and can withstand bumps and scrapes that paint can't. With better lightfastness, corporate commercial wallpaper not only showcase high performance in the day-to-day routine of the business lifestyle, but are long-lasting as well. 

How and Where To Use Contract Wallcoverings in Corporate Spaces

Within the corporate workspace, there are a variety of spaces where commercial wallpaper can be used. The lobby or entrance is one area where you can really have fun, experimenting with different styles and patterns. For example, you can custom create a wallpaper mural  behind the receptionist table. This is a stylish visual way to draw people's attention to key areas within the space. It's functionality mixed with stylishness!

Hallways and foyers are excellent places to add a bit of color and style. You can get really creative here since bold or vibrant prints won't be distracting when used in transitional spaces, like hallways. Here's a great example:

One of the most common spaces you may find yourself decorating in corporate design projects is workspaces. These can be individual offices or communal workspaces, such as a boardroom or meeting room. Of course, the type of commercial wallpaper pattern and color you'll choose will depend heavily on the type of space and even the type of business. Some business will want to play up the wallcovering and opt for more colorful or large-scale designs.

Other businesses will want to maintain a more professional, clean-cut look that emphasizes a more standardized workspace. In offices, you can use basic plain wallcoverings or textures to create a natural, professional look that isn't too distracting. Lighter colors work well in small offices or those with less natural lighting. This creates a look that's more open and brighter.

Our Top Corporate Contract Wallcoverings!

Some of our most popular corporate commercial wallpaper are those that add a bit of color to the space but aren't overwhelming or too distracting. These are perfect for use in offices, boardrooms, and other workspaces. If designers are working with smaller spaces, such as individual offices, using commercial wallpaper with a more linear design can help offset the size of the room. Since horizontal stripes can make a wall look and feel as if it's longer, creating these 'optical illusions' is one way to make the office space feel larger than it actually is. Both the Osaka and Static Plank commercial wallpaper feature horizontal designs that help achieve this effect.


Shine Lima C7125


Textured Thatch C7352

Another way to liven up the corporate workspace is by using textures commercial wallpaper. Whether it's through the material/finish that give it a raised tactile surface or represented through visuals only, a textures wallpaper adds a sense of depth and character to the walls. It's noticeable and stylish, but in a more subtle manner. Two of our most popular textures corporate wallcoverings are Shine Lima and Textured Thatch. With Shine Lima, the dark beige tones are enhanced by the highly textured surface, giving it a denser, more complex look with a subtle shine. Our Textured Thatch commercial wallpaper mimics the look and feel of fabric, giving it a softer finish than the other wallcovering.


Cloud-Covered Mountains M9296

There are also many options for those who are looking for commercial wallpaper with more distinct imagery. Wallpaper murals are perfect for creating a feature wall, so if you're only decorating a particular section of the room rather than looking for wallcoverings for all walls, this is an option.


Blue-Grey Alabaster M8927

Creating and using a custom wallpaper mural as corporate wallpaper can really transform the space. Unlike using wallpaper throughout the entire space, wallpaper murals create an "area of interest" that you can use to you advantage. As mentioned earlier, putting a custom digital mural behind the receptionist's desk can help visually guide visitors to the right place. This particular digital mural features a symmetrical faux marble pattern, adding a high-end touch to the room that's quite classy!


Contemporary Map of Rome M9325

Balancing a professional look with an on-trend image can be difficult, but there are certainly digital mural prints that do just that. You may want a more minimalist look, whether it's through the imagery or color scheme. With our final corporate wallpaper pick, you'll get the best of both worlds – an image that's both minimalist and intricate with a color palette that can work in any situation. While this could be mistaken for a geometric digital mural, it's actually a simplified version of a map of Rome.


Create an on-trend look with corporate commercial wallpaper!

While corporate spaces are meant for work, that doesn't mean you can't get creative with the wall décor. Finding the right balance between style and professional aesthetics is part of the fun! Are you a small business owner? What sort of commercial wallpaper pattern or colors would you use in your space? Comment below!


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