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Brick vs. Concrete Murals!

Posted on May 07 2019

Brick vs. Concrete Murals!

Faux effect wallpaper murals are diverse, but the two most popular designs have to be concrete and brick. Not only are they a favorite among interior designers for their sleek, stylish look, but they're also quite versatile as well and can suit both home and commercial spaces. In this article, we'll be going over what these two faux effect mural patterns offer, their similarities, and differences!


Corroding Concrete M9455


Concrete Wallpaper Murals!

Concrete wallpaper murals make an excellent backdrop for any space, thanks in part to its minimalist approach to pattern design. Most concrete murals typically feature a large, expansive plane of concrete with some faux "cracks" that make it appear weathered or aged.


Custom Concentric Concrete M9323

In terms of colors, concrete wallpaper murals are cooler, with light and dark grays that have a slight blue undertone. Color variation is rare for concrete murals and the majority of what you'll come across are various shades of gray, making it great for creating a clean-cut, high-end aesthetic.


Concrete Bands M8969

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Brick Wallpaper Murals!

Brick wallpaper murals tend to have a geometric-like appearance with a standardized placement for the bricks. The most iconic of brick wallpapers are red. Through a high quality printing process, brick wallpaper murals offer a highly visual tactile look that adds a sense of depth to the walls. The small details are all captured and represented on the large wallpaper mural, adding to its authentic look.


Brick Layer M9226

Adding a brick wallpaper mural to the home or commercial space really helps transforms the room. Brick itself is often associated with authenticity and natural elements, so its warm, earthy tones makes it a great choice for those who want to create a welcoming, engaging look.


Washed Brick M8967


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Similarities Between Concrete and Brick Wallpaper Murals

As both fall under the "faux effect wallpaper mural" category, there are bound to be some similarities between the two. Both brick and concrete murals are considered faux effect designs, which means they emulate or mimic real-life materials.

Other "materials" or designs in this category include marble, plaster, and wood. While some mural designs take a more stylized approach to rendering concrete and brick, the majority of these wallpaper murals are photorealistic renderings.


Dark Concrete M9160

Both brick and concrete wallpaper murals have a rustic or "rough" aesthetic to them. It's a weathered look that's quite popular among interior designers. You can have an authentic "loft" feel without the associated price tag of living in a real loft.

Along the same lines, both concrete and brick wallpaper murals emphasize the materials they're showcasing, not necessarily images or other designs. In other words, most concrete wallpaper murals usually feature just the concrete rather than other pictures or images (the same can be said about brick). That's not to say you can't find faux effect wallpaper murals with additional imagery on them, like Brick Heart pictured below.


Brick Heart M9213

Generally speaking, both brick and concrete wallpaper murals are available in fewer colors when compared to other mural styles, like floral or watercolor. Because they copy real materials, it makes sense that they're true to life in this regard as well. However, if you really want purple bricks or a pastel blue concrete wallpaper mural, that's totally possible!

You can send our in-house design team a request for color swaps of existing concrete or brick wallpaper murals in our collection (personally, we think a nice navy blue brick pattern can look quite good!).


Historic Brick M8994

Another similarity is that both concrete and brick wallpaper murals work well as a single feature wall, or throughout the space. If you're using regular faux effects wallpaper, using the concrete or brick wallpaper throughout the space is more straightforward. With wallpaper murals, the size of the mural can be altered depending on the size of your wall.

Both concrete and brick wallpaper go well with a lot of other styles, helping to make it more modern. For example, pairing a brick wallpaper mural on a feature wall with floral wallpaper on the other three walls can create a visually striking look.


Differences Between Concrete and Brick Wallpaper Murals

In general, brick wallpaper murals are more colorful than concrete wallpaper murals. The most iconic brick color is red, though you can find white, gray, and black as well. Concrete wallpaper murals tend to come in shades of gray – light gray, dark gray, etc. However, as we mentioned earlier, you can request a color swap if you're a fan of the actual brick/concrete pattern but you'd like a different color.


Hatched Brick M8988

In terms of patterns, you'll most likely find additional imagery added to brick wallpaper murals, whereas concrete wallpaper murals tend to feature differences in how the material is represented. Taking a look at the examples of concrete murals in this article, some take a much rougher or weathered look, others are more clean-cut and "smooth," while others might even be geometric in design.


Concrete Band M8947

Wallpaper murals can change the mood or atmosphere of a space. Both wallpaper mural styles blend contemporary and historic aesthetics well, though each one is slightly stronger in one direction or the other. Concrete wallpaper murals have a very modern aesthetic, while brick wallpaper murals tend to add a more traditional or classic look to the space.


Are you #TeamConcrete or #TeamBrick?

Now that we've gone through all you need to know about concrete and brick wallpaper murals, only one question remains: are you #TeamConcrete or #TeamBrick? We'd love to hear what "team" you're on so be sure to let us know in the comments below or tag us on social media!

What team are we on? We're going to cheat a bit and say #TeamConcreteANDBrick!


Brick Through Concrete M9324


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