Profiling Concrete Wallpaper Styles; 2021 Interior Trend

For our next entry in the “Profiling Wallpaper Styles” series, we’re taking a closer look at concrete wallpaper and wallpaper murals. This ultra trendy pattern is always a popular pick for interior designers thanks to its contemporary look. Concrete patterns can be used in both residential and commercial settings to add an edgy aesthetic to the space. The use of concrete wallpaper and faux concrete wall murals, add the look of “real-concrete” to any wall - without the cost or hassle of real. With its sober and subdued character, it create an unusual and industrial chic-setting to any space; take a look at the photo above which was taken in one of our residential projects. The custom concrete wall mural add an urban ambiance to the home interior due to its fabulous contemporary look.

Similar to the previous “Profiling” articles (see the end of the article for a full list), we’re going to explore the diversity within the concrete wallpaper category by taking a look at different styles.


Industrial Concrete Wallpaper


 Rubbed Concrete Wallpaper M9232

When you think of “concrete wallpaper,” chances are you imagine something like this. Rubbed Concrete Wallpaper is a faux finish large scale rough textured concrete digital wallpaper mural that will give your walls the raw unfinished industrial look of concrete in cool tones to compliment your dining room, bedroom or bathroom.

One of the most common characteristics with many wallpapers in this category is the industrial look. Some of the common features include an aged appearance that makes it seem like the concrete is old or worn down. Far from being unsophisticated, industrial-style wallpaper gives the space a unique flavour that’s perfect for adding an edgy feel to the home.

The majority of concrete wallpaper styles come in shades of grey, but as you’ll see later on, that’s not always the case. With this first pick on our list, you can think of it as the classic concrete wallpaper style that you’ll see time and time again. It’s definitely a popular one, for sure. Its timeless appearance means it can fit in a variety of different settings, whether it’s for a casual home or an upscale restaurant. The power of concrete wallpaper is that it’s truly transformative.


Contemporary Concrete Wallpaper


Red Printed Floral on Cracked Concrete Mural Wallpaper M9535


For a more colorful concrete wallpaper mural, Red Printed Floral on Cracked Concrete Mural Wallpaper uses a soft gradient effect, mixing red and beiges floral with deep cracked grey. Floral elements, geometry, and faux effects concrete combine to form a contemporary nature design. Large flowers complimented with fine geometric linework climb across the mural. The flowers appear to be printed or painted on top of the faux concrete background, as cracks can be seen throughout the entire mural.

The visual appealing look of this designer mural gives the traditional grey concrete style a modern update. Still, the colors are subtle and aren’t too flashy, which keeps with the classic concrete look. It’s the best of both worlds.

As with any wallpaper mural, this one can be customized as per the wall dimensions and color prints based on your preferences. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to your walls and truly make it your own. Unlike regular wallpaper, wallpaper murals offer that extra personalization option that guarantees its uniqueness for any home or commercial space.


Abstract Concrete Wallpaper


 Corroded Concrete Abstract Mural Wallpaper M9636

For a more artistic look, abstract concrete wallpaper is a style that blends two distinct categories together: faux finish and abstract. Abstract wallpaper styles tend to focus on color usage and how they appear on the wallpaper. In this Corroded Concrete Abstract Mural Wallpaper, the taupe abstract rings intermingle with the concrete grey color. This urban style wallpaper features a wall that resembles metal or concrete with rusted spots for an industrial look. Circles are painted on top for an abstract contrast. It offers up an aesthetic that sits somewhere between the traditional concrete pattern and a cloudy effect.

Unlike the previous examples, this one doesn’t emphasize the industrial or aged look as much. Rather, there’s only a hint of concrete patterning. Thus, for those who don’t want the intense concrete look, this wallpaper is perfect and emphasizes elegance.


Mixed Concrete Wallpaper


 Brick Through Concrete Mural Wallpaper M9324 **photo credits to GlebronInterior

We’ve looked at mixing concrete with abstract, but let’s take a look at an example that mixes two faux finish patterns together. This  Brick Through Concrete Mural  wallpaper mural combines concrete and brick to create an interesting, original look. Brick and concrete designs have been an on-trend selection for some time now, and this creative wallpaper mural blends the two together. This look truly makes an impact thanks to the unique contrast between the vivid red of the detailed brick and the subdued gray of the minimalist concrete.

Going back to the "worn out" aesthetic, Brick Through Concrete Mural features a brick façade with “broken” sections, revealing a concrete wall underneath. The worn out look of this mural pattern adds to the creative, artistic look of this mural.

Mixing and matching different wallpaper styles is an interior design technique we love. Think of this mural as an “all in one” concept that has a bit of everything. What’s different about this example is that there’s so much going on visually. The longer you look at it, the more things you’ll discover, such as the geometric patterning on the bottom. This mixed concrete wallpaper mural definitely makes a statement and is designed to grab people’s attention.


Geometric Concrete Wallpaper


 Geometric Texture Digital Mural Wallpaper M9594

Most of the concrete patterns we’ve looked at so far emphasize a worn down, aged look. Let’s go in the totally opposite direction and look at a style that emphasizes clean lines and a new, modern aesthetic. This Geometric Texture Digital Mural Wallpaper has hints of the industrial look with the touch of metallic gold color. If you’re looking for an impactful design that’ll make a statement in your home or commercial space as a new feature wall, this textured geometric concrete murals will update the feel of your whole room with its expensive looking metallic shade and big geometric circle with black background that’ll stop guests in their tracks to marvel at your modern design choice.

However, this pattern is definitely different than your traditional concrete pattern we highlighted at the beginning of this article. The square blocks create a symmetrical, geometric look. By mixing in a geometric style, this pattern has a more structured aesthetic. It has a high-end, professional look that would be perfect for settings such as an office space.


Concrete Wallpaper with Images



Neolith M8932


For our last wallpaper style, we’re taking a look at concrete patterns that incorporate different images. As you’ve probably noticed, concrete styles are incredibly detailed in itself. The small cracks and color variations offer an incredible level of realism. The photographic style of the concrete means your walls look like the real thing. Concrete wallpaper with images take this to the next level by adding another design element.

For example, take a look at Neolith, which features fossilized leaves set on a light brown concrete background. It has a sense of history, which is accentuated with a high level of detail, from the grooves on the leaves to the speckling on the background. The Arched wallpaper also features stylish borders that rely heavily on classic appeal. Both make excellent use of images to create a fresh look.

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