A Beginner's Guide to Brick Wallpaper

We’re here to boast about the beauty of brick wall designs as they grace the pages of the top interior magazines and décor blogs of 2016. Tap into the contemporary wallpaper trend with this easy guide to brick wallpaper that will take you from bashful beginner to home-style winner in no time.


Why Brick Wallpaper?


Washed brick wallpaper with heart graffiti | Brick Heart M9240


So you have fallen in love with the interior trend of the season. We don’t blame you; it is almost impossible to resist. The natural structured charm, the transforming texture, the effortless elegance; that’s what makes an exposed brick wallpaper so timeless and alluring. If you have hit a brick wall with your designs and are looking for a place to start, don’t miss these tips on how to feature fabulous brick wallpaper, straight out of the catalogue, and into your treasured spaces.


Before you start, consider your space


White Washed Brick M8967


The key to creating visual focus and interest with a brick wallpaper your design is choosing the right wall to make your rooms pop to the full potential. It is important to consider your space and what the most effective location for your application will be to really tie the room together seamlessly.

Find a wall you would like to feature. You can install brick wallpaper in a dining room to highlight a rich wooden table or china filled armoire, in a living room to emphasize a contemporary corner for your leather sofa and favourite décor pieces, or perhaps you want to create the look of a cozy chalet behind a fireplace or even in an office. Brick wallpaper is most effective on surfaces undisturbed by windows or doors to get the full structural appeal of a realistic brick wall. Having enough light and shadow in the area is another important factor to consider when installing brick wallpaper so that it doesn’t flatten the wall. Keeping this in mind will really play with with the illusion of texture.


What types of brick wallpaper textures are there?

There two distinct types of faux brick wallpapers that you can choose to apply in your home. The first type is printed brick wallpaper that utilizes a variety of similar tones to look ideally close to realistic and natural brick. Printed wallpapers feature the finest and most minute details that you wouldn’t even expect to come out of wallpaper. We’ve come a long way from grandma’s house. You can closely achieve the appeal of all the natural nooks and cracks that a rustic or aged brick has to offer without the extra effort.


Contemporary Faux Industrial Chic Grey Brick Wall Wallpaper R3705


If you are looking for something more tactile and sensible, there are brick wallpaper options that are embossed to give the effect of a physical exposed brick wall. These 3-dimensional embossed brick wallpapers are great if you want to paint over the faux brick wall to add a bright bonus to your space in a non-traditional colour like pink or blue. This is great if you are striving for a more contemporary or modern aesthetic.


Trend Wars: Red Brick vs. White Brick Wallpaper

It’s the battle of the bricks and it had come down to the question of “which one do I go with?” It all comes down to your personal style and the kind of story you want to tell in your space.


Rustic Red Brick Wallpaper


Historic Brick M8994


Red rustic brick tells an age-old interior love story that is warm, romantic and perfect for creating cozy homes. Red brick is classic, timeless and reminiscent of alluring Scandinavian interiors. The radiating warmth of a red brick wallpaper pairs wonderfully with rich blues and neutrals because it is a bold colour with an energizing visual presence in itself. The mix of light and dark hues in a brick gives you a lot of room for play on neutral tones. Throw in beautiful antique tapestries over a neutral coloured sofa and a lot of leafy greens to really emphasize the historic tale told by elegantly textured red brick wallpaper.


Marsala Running Brick R2587


Aged White Brick Wallpaper


Contemporary Faux Brick Industrial Chic White Brick Wall Wallpaper R3704


White brick is one of the most popular contemporary wall trends with endless possibilities and a captivating industrial loft charm. White brick wallpaper is super chic and urban and adds a revitalising energy into a space. The light airiness of aged white brick wallpaper can inspire cloud like creativity in rustic kitchens or dreamy bedrooms. It is the perfect backdrop for a muted palette of soft pastels or even high contrast palettes of deep brown wood colours. A white brick will not overpower your space and adds a characterized amount of texture and rhythm in a contemporary space.


White Running Brick R2589


The Overall Benefits of Brick Wallpaper

There are so many benefits that a faux brick wallpaper might over a physically constructed exposed brick wall depending on what you are looking for. Contemporary faux brick wallpaper is a stunning alternative with the same personal and emotional connection. It is a tool for transformation and an extraordinary leap in the faux movement. Achieving an exposed brick interior becomes less fussy with thick high-quality wallpapers that are quick and easy to install. You can save a significant amount on labor, maintenance, and materials by simply taking the faux route.


Brick Layer M9226


Where to find brick wallpaper?


Brick walls create bold and modern urban interiors. They express the history and character of a building. Give your walls meaning with the richness of textured and realistic brick wallpaper. The exposed brick effect is adored by designers and infuses a whole new level of sensible style into your spaces.

You can find more sensibly chic modern brick wallpaper at wallsrepublic.com

Until next time, happy wallpapering!


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