Faux Brick Wallpaper Styles

Faux finish wallpaper is a growing trend in interior design that brings a highly realistic look of real three dimensional materials. Faux brick is one of the most popular types of faux wallpaper patterns and is right on trend for 2014. It gives off an effortless illusion of exposed brick or stacked stone and can be used harmoniously in both traditional and contemporary spaces.


Historic Brick Faux Wallpaper Mural M8994


Historic Brick is a great choice for achieving a simple typical exposed brick look. It is most striking as a feature wall to complement neutral furnishings and accessories.


Washed Brick Wallpaper Mural M8967


Washed Brick brings you the typical look of brick wall with the addition of a contemporary painted aesthetic. It can be a great neutral backdrop for a range of vibrant colours and complementary smooth textures.


Block-stone Beige Faux Stone Wallpaper R1877 


Block Stone creates a contemporary stone look with a rustic country vibe. With knit accents and real wood furnishings and beams, this space has a truly handcrafted earthy air. 


Block-stone Ash Faux Stone Wallpaper R1874


Faux stone wallpaper can be a unique feature behind a bed in the bedroom for creating a stripped down natural and minimalistic environment. With the high detail, shadow, and highlight depicted in the wallpaper your faux stone wall will appear exceptionally real.


Henge Cool Grey Faux Brick Wallpaper R1428


Henge metal faux brick pattern adds a muted colour and intriguing patina to your space making it a great choice for a feature wall. Its colours are calming and subtle and unexpected which will help create a high impact space.


Ancient Stone Faux Finish Wallpaper Mural M8979 


Ancient Stone is a prominent architectural feature when added to your space and is a one of a kind alternative to the classic modern brick pattern. 


Aged Stone Wallpaper Mural M8997


For a really shocking brick look this Aged Stone will infuse a historical rich narrative that is very much engaging. Your options are endless from the classic brick pattern to a rich aged pattern. Find your favourite faux brick wallpaper or trendy wallpaper mural online at wallsrepublic.com.


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