Top 10 Reasons to Use Wallpaper Mural For Your Home in 2021


Mural Wallpaper is a key trend for 2021. With the help of our modern mural wallpaper in variety of patterns and colors to choose from, exclusively distributed by Walls Republic;  we can change the entire ambiance of your room making it ready for 2021 trends.  Well, isn’t New Year comes with a new renovation? To help you achieve your New Year’s home goals, we came up with 10 reasons why you should consider mural wallpaper.

Here's our list of the top 10 reasons why you need a wallpaper mural in 2021!



10. New Year, New You!

We all have our New Year's resolutions (that we love to make but never actually accomplish). If one of your goals for 2019 is to transform your interior space, then a wallpaper mural is just for you. Wallpaper not only adds a stylish imagery to the room, but it's a burst of color as well! Wallpaper murals are an easy way to transform your space, especially since they're generally used a single feature wall. Also, it's not a huge investment (after all, you're only installing it on one wall).




9. Wallpaper Murals Are Easy To Install – No, seriously!

With regular wallpaper, you need to worry about matching the design – is it a straight match? A drop match? A random match? That's because regular wallpapers feature a pattern that repeats. With wallpaper murals, you don't have to worry about it. While traditional wallpaper are sold in rolls, wallpaper murals are sold in panels. This means there's no confusion on which part of the image goes where!



8. It's Wallpaper for People Who Hate Wallpaper

Sure, it's called a "wallpaper" mural, but just focus on the second part of its name. If the idea of wallpaper seems a bit outdated to you, you haven't seen wallpaper murals. These are modern wall décor products that are anything but dull. Also, if you're not a fan of repetitive designs, then murals are your best bet. While some do feature repeating patterns, the majority of our wallpaper murals feature non-repeating images. Imagine taking your favorite image, blowing it up, and covering your wall with it.


7. Wallpaper Murals are a work of art

One of the biggest trends with wallpaper murals is using these wall décor products as works of art (we've also covered this in one of our previous articles, Wallpaper Trends: Using Wallpaper as Art). Because wallpaper murals feature large-scale imagery, you can use these products in unexpected ways, such as pairing them up with another wallpaper. Think of your bare walls as a canvas and let your imagination run wild!




6. Wallpaper Murals feature high-quality and crisp details

You won't find regular wallpaper with images likes these. From cityscapes wallpaper murals featuring a crazy amount of details to visually stunning watercolor designs, wallpaper murals really do come in all different styles. What wallpaper murals do best is photographic imagery, such as the one featured below. Small details and true colors bring the scenery to life.



5. Feature Walls are On-trend!

A feature wall is where a single wall in the space features something unique, such as wallpaper with a mid to large scale design. Using a wallpaper mural as a feature wall creates an absolutely stunning aesthetic within the room. It directs the guest's attention to that specific part of the room, creating a look that's dramatic and transformative. Creating a feature wall takes the pressure off of choosing a wallpaper that "needs" to fit throughout the space when used on all the walls.





4. Color Swap on a Wallpaper Mural? Sure, No Problem!

Wallpaper murals are the best choice when it comes to customizing your wall décor. At Walls Republic, many of our designer wallpaper murals are available in three options: full color, sepia, and black and white. Full color wallpaper murals add a lot of color and vitality to the space, perfect for those who want to make their room look and feel more energetic. Sepia gives the image an old school look, while black and white features a high-contrast, dramatic look. Below is a look at Tokyo at Night in the three different color variations.



3. No Leftovers!

Since wallpaper murals are made to order, this allows us to print your product in a specific size. With regular wallpaper rolls, you may have a bit of wallpaper leftover, but with wallpaper murals, the product is designed to fit the dimensions of your wall, right down to the exact inch. This allows for a picture-perfect aesthetic with no gaps or wasted materials. 


Rubbed Concrete Wallpaper M9232


2. Make Your Wallpaper Mural YOURS

One way to customize your wallpaper mural is by adding a personalized quote. This can literally be anything, from your name, significant dates, memorable movie quotes, favourite song lyrics – anything! It's just another way to make your wallpaper mural really YOURS. (Hint: be sure to check out our previous article linked above. It'll give you more in-depth information on adding quotes to your wallpaper mural, why you'd want to add one, and which images work best).



1. You Can Choose Your Own Wallpaper Mural Image!

While Walls Republic has an extensive collection of wallpaper mural images to choose from, it's completely OK if you haven't found the one that speaks to you. You might think you're out of luck, but think again – wallpaper murals are completely customizable and this goes for the actual image as well. Choosing your own photo wallpaper mural image is just another step in transforming your space and making it more sentimental. It adds your personality and creativity to the room!



2021 is the year of the wallpaper mural!

Here's a new New Year's resolution: get a wallpaper mural that will transform your space. Whether it's your living room, bedroom, retail store, restaurant, or business office that's looking a bit drab, we think it's the perfect time to change all of that (that's right - wallpaper murals aren't just for your home, but can be used in commercial spaces as well!). Wallpaper murals are not only transformative, but provide stunning visuals as well. Have any of the wallpaper murals from our collection caught your eye? Let us know! Be sure to comment down below and share this article using the social media links below, tag us, tell us what your dream wallpaper mural is and where you'd put it!


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