Out Of The Blue: Our Top 7 Blue Wallpapers

We've been pretty in pink and we've gone back to the basics, but for this article, it's out of the blue! Blue wallpaper is so versatile, whether you're using it in a residential or commercial project. In this article, let's take a closer look at what the color blue does for the room, where to use it, and highlight our top 7 blue wallpapers!


All About Blue Wallpaper

The psychology of color is a long-discussed and fascinating topic that relates to interior design. Color can drastically change the space, creating an impact on the emotion and mood of the room. While the color blue may not be as dramatic as red or cheery as yellow, it excels in being a relaxed, casual choice that balances style and versatility extremely well. It's an easy-to-use color that's multifaceted, especially when you take into account the different shades of blue that you can use.

On its own, blue is a color that oozes professionalism, modernity, and relaxation. It's calming to look at in all of its forms, whether light or dark. Looking at lighter blues, these tend to feel more optimistic and airy, creating an open look for the room. Darker blue colors have a more sophisticated touch. In contrast to deep reds that add an evocative or romantic look, deep blue wallpaper has a mature elegance.



Where To Use Blue Wallpaper

Similar to neutral colors, blue wallpaper is surprisingly versatile in its usage. Because it's a very casual, relaxed color, it can be used in most residential and commercial spaces. In terms of a kid's bedroom, while blue colors tend to be used primarily for boy's rooms, it's a perfectly fine color to use in girl's rooms as well!

In smaller rooms or rooms with less lighting, using darker blue wallpaper can make the space feel even more cramped and enclosed. Instead, focus on lighter shades of blue that brighten up the room. Pastel blues add a light touch of color to the space that is refined, yet playful.

Blue also pairs nicely with other colors to create interesting and dynamic contrasts. Navy blue and gold often has a luxurious, high-end appeal; blue and green is very contemporary; blue and purple is soothing and lighter shades is reminiscent of "mermaid" color trends; and blue and white is professional and clean-cut.


Our Top 7 Blue Wallpapers and Wallpaper Murals!


Acoustic Diamonds M9438

Why use one shade of blue when you can use them all? Acoustic Diamonds is a geometric wallpaper mural that is sure to add a contemporary touch to any space. It uses different shades of blue to create a 3D illusionary effect, making it look like the top of the pyramids are popping off the walls (or maybe you're looking down into a funnel instead?). Optical illusions aside, this modern wallpaper mural is fun and bold, a great choice for those who want to make a powerful visual statement.


Etched Flowers R5252

When mixed with gray undertones, this blue color takes on a more subtle, mature tone. The gray-blue background works nicely with the white and dark gray of the image, creating a nice balance of colors. Blue wallpaper designs come in all different shapes and sizes, and Etched Flowers is one of the stand-out floral patterns. It's a stylized take that emphasizes a flat 2D look rather than a 3D one. If you're creating a Bohemian-inspired aesthetic for your room, this blue floral wallpaper is the one for you!


Ramie R2005

Grasscloth or natural wallpaper are wall décor products that use environmentally-friendly materials, such as jute, arrowroot, bamboo, and other natural fibers. Featured above in a gorgeous jewel tone, Ramie is a natural wallpaper you won't want to miss. Like most other grasscloth wallpaper, this one has a highly textured finish that adds a sense of depth and character to the walls. The rich blue color works well on its own, or this natural wallpaper can be used as a complementary wallpaper to a feature wall.


Linea R3405

Traditional classic wallpaper styles, such as Linea, are a good choice since these patterns are timeless and long-lasting. Inspired by art deco aesthetics, this is a velvet flocked wallpaper, which means it has a much different surface texture than vinyl or non-woven wallpaper. Its fabric-like surface texture gives it a softer look and feel. The harsh straight lines of the design are contrasted with the sweeping curved sections, creating an engaging enigmatic pattern.


Minimalist Painted Nature R5081

Mix a bit of green in with that blue and you've got yourself an eye-catching shade of teal. This vibrant wallpaper uses a watercolor aesthetic for its floral design, adding a creative and artistic look to the pattern. As we mentioned before, blue wallpaper is very versatile and can be paired up nicely with other colors. Here, the blue background helps accentuate the other colors, whether it's the taupe branches, dark green leaves, or purple floral blossoms. On-trend blue wallpaper are those that play to their strengths.


Marbled Jewel Wallpaper Grey and Blue R4798

Want just a hint of blue on your walls? Not all blue wallpaper designs "have" to be mostly blue. With this particular faux effect wallpaper, blue is used as an accent color, rather than the main focus. Because it's the most vibrant color on the design, our eye naturally wanders across the marble wallpaper pattern. This sense of movement is also echoed by the swirling marble design. Now, if you've read our previous article, How Marblelous! Trendy Marble Wallpaper and Murals, then you're already in the know about how on-trend marble patterns really are. It goes without saying that marble wallpaper designs are popular, so this blue marble wallpaper print is no exception.


Above the Ocean M9294

Looking to nature, two blue things that jump to mind include the sky and the ocean. Our final blue wallpaper is a mural and it's an absolute stunner. The full-sized image covers the entire wall portraying the endless depths of the sea. The photorealistic rendering is made possible through our wallpaper mural's printing process that captures ever gradation in color and every minute detail. This blue wallpaper mural provides a balance between relaxation and energy –the soft blue colors have a calmness to them while the churning waves of the water and white colors add an energy to the overall wallpaper mural.


Shop Even More Blue Wallpaper and Wallpaper Murals!

And there you have it – our top 7 blue wallpaper products! Blue is such a versatile yet stylish wallpaper color that it was hard to pick just 7 top wallpaper designs. If you're looking for even more blue wallpaper, head on over to our curated wallpaper color sections and start explore!



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