Back To Basics: Our Top 7 Black Wallpapers

Using black wallpaper in residential or commercial spaces often creates a sense of drama and evokes a mysterious tension that transforms the space. Whether used throughout the room to create a dark, evocative look or paired with other colors, black wallpaper is a popular choice due to its stunning and deep visuals, versatility, and high-end aesthetics. In our latest article, we’re going back to the basics so here are our picks for the top 7 black wallpapers!



Slate Hardwood R2248

Whenever there’s a top anything list, you can bet that faux effects wallpaper will make an appearance. With its photorealistic visuals, faux effects mimic real life materials, such as brick, concrete, and marble. Here, we have a black wood wallpaper pattern, which is different than the traditionally popular dark or light brown wood colorways. However, we think black works too! It gives the pattern a more mature, professional or clean-cut look, rather than one that emphasizes a rustic or weathered appeal. Best used throughout the space, the lighter gray parts representing the “wood grain” offer a nice balance between the light and dark colors.


Mosaic Symbols R5327

What a unique blend of geometric and abstract designs! This wallpaper is a feast for eyes with something new to see each time you look at it. From father away, the tiny shapes form an eye-catching Art Deco-inspired design with its contrast between sweeping curves and linearity. Up close, however, it’s a totally different story. Thousands upon thousands of small symbols are scattered across the surface, with most of them inspired by minimalist floral designs.


Painted Tranquil Bamboo Forest R5093

In recent years, watercolor wallpapers have become increasingly more popular among interior designers across the globe and it’s not hard to see why. The artistic imagery, the delicate rendering of the brushstrokes, the realistic look of paint – all of this comes together to create unforgettable wallpaper patterns. Our next pick for black wallpaper is a nature-themed design that’s definitely out of the box when compared to your traditional wallpaper patterns found in the floral category. Featuring a bamboo forest, the different black tones of the leaves draw our attention, creating a wonderful dynamic look that plays off the plain white background and the lighter gray bamboo shoots.


Classic Rustic Garden Wallpaper Black and Red R4826

If you’re looking for black wallpaper but you also want a burst of color, don’t think that you have to choose one or the other. There are many wallpaper designs that fully incorporate the two to create something pretty spectacular. Our next pick on our list of top black wallpaper is this stunning floral wallpaper print that features large colorful blossoms and tree branches. With black used as a backdrop, the colors really “pop,” creating an even more powerful visual contrast. The reds, greens, yellows, and blues are so noticeable, but their colorful look also helps to reinforce the minimalist background. This traditional classic-themed wallpaper really balances out its color usage well so that one doesn’t overwhelm the other.


Sandy Static C7212

Of course, if you’re designing a commercial space, you’ll want to look through our catalog of contract-grade wallcoverings. For our next black wallpaper pick, we love the simplicity of Sandy Static. Commercial wallcoverings often emphasize a more textural aesthetic, resulting in wallcovering patterns that have a tactile look. Here, there’s not much to speak of in terms of imagery, but it’s a minimalist approach to wallpaper style that would be a welcome addition to any commercial space, whether it’s a business office or a retail store. Commercial wallcoverings are often quite versatile, and as they say, black goes with everything, making this wallcovering even more flexible.


Dark Grey Cracked Raw Geometrics R5747

Geometric wallpaper are among the most versatile of styles because of its timeless quality and easy-to-use aesthetics that just pair nicely with everything. Our next pick for top black wallpaper takes a simplistic approach to pattern design but turns it on its head. With hundreds of triangles placed together, each one has its own textured design, giving it such a visceral look that it deserves a place on our top 7 list. Whereas the majority of geometric wallpaper prints emphasize crisp lines, a clean look, and a smooth appearance, this one is gritty, dark, and weathered. It’s a tactile finish that adds a sense of character to the walls.


Washed Ink M9446

Last but definitely not least, let’s take a look at black wallpaper murals. Our final pick for black wallpaper is this absolutely unforgettable abstract mural featuring sweeping bands of black, dark grays, and white. Even though the imagery isn’t as distinct as a floral blossom or cityscape, abstract designs are generally more versatile since the emphasis is on the use of color and how it evokes an emotional response. This stunning mural has a classy aesthetic that truly does transform the space!


Black Wallpaper: When To Use It, When To Be Careful, And Why It’s Great

Why use black wallpaper? It adds a sense of drama to the space, completely transforming it. Similar to red wallpaper, black wallpaper is a powerful, emotional color that can deeply impact the atmosphere of the room. Many studies and articles have been written about how color can affect the mood of the room. Black wallpaper adds a sense of drama, mystery, and high-end appeal to the space. There are many ways to use black wallpaper. In our list, some use black as the main color, while others use it as a backdrop behind other brighter colors. Be careful about using black wallpaper in smaller spaces, as darker colors tend to make rooms feel smaller and more enclosed.



Overall, black wallpaper is not only a transformative wall décor product to use, but one that’s versatile as well. If you’re designing a space that’s already decorated with furniture, other wall décor (such as paintings), and the like, black wallpaper’s a great choice because it doesn’t clash with any other color. If using black wallpaper throughout your entire space isn’t your thing, consider pairing it with another wallpaper color to create interesting looks. Black and gold adds a high-end, luxurious aesthetic; black and blue has a contemporary feel; black and white has a modern, minimalist quality to it that’s quite iconic; black and red doubles up to become even more dynamic and bold. The possibilities with black wallpaper are endless!



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