Our Top 7 Red Commercial Wallpaper and Murals

Our previous wallpaper color articles (Back to Basics and Pretty in Pink) focused on home wallpaper. This time, we're going to spice things up a bit and shift our attention to commercial wallpaper and wallpaper murals. If you're hoping to make a big impact with your commercial space, no other color adds as much excitement and drama as red wallpaper. Here's what you need to know about red commercial wallpaper, why you should use it in your own space, and we'll highlight the top 7 red commercial wallpaper and murals in our collection!


All You Need To Know About Red Commercial Wallpaper

Red is a bold, powerful color that transforms the space immediately. Whether you're using a lighter tone or a deeper red shade, red commercial wallpaper is a must for those who want to create a strong, memorable visual aesthetic for their space. Since color can impact the mood of a room, what does red wallpaper do for the commercial space? Similar to brighter yellows and greens, red is a very energetic color that adds life to the room. It revitalizes the space, but unlike yellow/green that adds a natural or organic appeal, red is passionate and dramatic.

Red is a wallpaper color that garners attention immediately, so keep this in mind when choosing wallpaper patterns for your commercial space. Do you want the wallpaper. Pattern to be primarily red or do you want to have that color as part of a larger color palette?


Large Free flowing Florals M9288

In this wallpaper mural, a deeper red color is used for the floral blossoms. It's not used a lot, but that's what makes it stand out against the plainer white background. On the other hand, the wallpaper mural below features both dominant colors – red and blue – in relatively equal proportions. This pattern is more about the contrast between two colors.

Because red is such a noticeable color, you can also use this to your advantage when designing your commercial space. Using vibrant colors is a great way to draw your visitors' attention to key spaces, such as the receptionist's desk at a hotel. Using red throughout the space is an excellent way to transform the whole room, creating an energetic look and feel. On the other hand, mixing in different colors can create a contrasting effect that yields different emotions. Red and black wallpaper can help deepen the emotional look, while brightening things up with red and white can help create a more minimalist look. Red and purple wallpaper emphasizes a luxurious, royal aesthetic while red and blue has a professional finish.


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Bold Sweep M9332

If you want to go all-in on using red wallpaper for your commercial space, Bold Sweep is for you. This abstract wallpaper mural balances the rich red tones with white sweep that creates an amazing contrast in colors. The curves add a sense of movement and energy to this wallpaper mural that combines with the already-energetic red to create something visually striking. Given the ambiguous nature of the imagery, this wallpaper mural is an excellent fit for many different commercial spaces, such as a hotel lobby, a restaurant, or reception area.


Textured Graph C7232

Not all commercial spaces call for something grandiose or "out there." In fact, many commercial wallpapers in our collection feature small to mid-sized patterns that strike the perfect balance between professional and stylish. Take Textured Graph as an example. It features a small, dense graph-like geometric pattern that's very subtle. The color is the most noticeable part about this commercial wallpaper, but that doesn't mean it's not just as on-trend as the others on this list. It's all about how you want to use color and pattern to portray a specific mood. With a deeper undertone, this red color is more mature, adding a more sophisticated mood to the commercial space.


Paper Flowers Wallpaper Mural Red and White M9260

If you want large scale imagery, your best bet is to go with a wallpaper mural. The next red wallpaper on our list is an absolutely stunning floral wallpaper mural that takes the popular image category and adds a contemporary twist. The stylized look of the red flowers add an artistic look to the space, perfect for commercial areas that want to make a big visual impact. The simplistic color scheme – red, green, and black – come together to create an unforgettable wallpaper mural.

With a stronger brown color as its base, this commercial wallpaper is a nice blend between a modern and classic look. It's a very versatile and timeless geometric pattern that has a randomness to it rather than symmetrical repetitions that other geometric prints are known for. The highly textured look also adds a new dimension to the walls, giving it a sense of depth and a tactile feel that truly changes the flat surface.


Red Barn Wallpaper M9220

Faux effect wallpaper and wallpaper murals are always a popular choice among interior designers for their stylish look that mimics real life materials. The next top red wallpaper on our list goes to this eye-catching red wood wallpaper mural. It has a weathered or rugged aesthetic that just makes it even more realistic, giving it an aged appearance. While the pattern itself is less complex (compared to, say, the floral wallpaper mural above), the bright red color really stands out and catches our attention.

For a red with stronger pink undertone, this commercial wallpaper showcases a perfect blend between a clean, professional look and a stylish pattern. The compact geometric pattern features a dense layer of shapes, adding to the textural look and feel of the overall design. These types of patterns are better suited to be used throughout the entire space, or as a complementary wallpaper to a feature wall. This gives it a flexible usage that can still transform the commercial space, regardless of how it's used!

Red comes in all different shades and if you want a more subtle shade, consider using this Brick Layer wallpaper mural. This fantastic faux effect mural offers a photorealistic rendering of the classic red brick look, creative the feeling of being in a loft. What's creative about this wallpaper mural is that it throws in a different pattern "below" the red brick to create an interesting color and pattern contrast.

Last but definitely not least, our final pick for the top 7 red commercial wallpaper is a geometric print that uses shadows and highlights to create a 3D look. Seemingly popping off the walls, the triangular shapes have a visual depth to them that adds an interesting aesthetic to the commercial space. It's a nice transitional pattern that blends classic and contemporary styles together, resulting in a wallpaper design that has a stylish longevity.

Red Commercial Wallpaper Adds Emotion To the Room!

From bright, cheery reds that add a liveliness to the commercial space to deeper reds that have a dramatic elegance, red commercial wallpaper can be quite versatile! What are your thoughts on red wallpaper? Would you use red throughout the space or use it as an accent color? Let us know in the comments below!

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