Pretty In Pink: Our Top 7 Pink Wallpapers

Whether it’s vibrant hot pink or a pastel tone, pink wallpaper is a more diverse color than most people give it credit for. While the most common usage for pink wallpaper includes nurseries and bedrooms, it’s actually quite a versatile color that can be applied throughout the residential or commercial space. In this article, we’re going to show you just how your space can be “pretty in pink” with these gorgeous pink wallpapers!


Pastel Pink Tinted Wood R2586

To find pink wallpaper in the faux effect wallpaper category is quite rare. Most of the patterns – brick, concrete, wood, and so on – focus primarily on neutral colors, such as gray, white, and brown. Not only is this pink wood wallpaper a rarity, but it’s also a super stylish pattern as well! The faded effect gives the design a weathered, lived-in feel, which helps to create a cozy atmosphere. Use this in spaces such as a living room, kitchen, or hallway to add that authentic contemporary touch. The light touches of pastel pink is perfect for those who want a bit of color, but don’t necessarily want to “overdo” it. The mostly gray and white color scheme keeps the wallpaper looking natural and realistic.


Bohemian Persian Rug R4705

For those who aren’t afraid to use a lot of color in their room, Bohemian Persian Rug is the obvious choice. With a peach-tinted pink color, this intricately designed pattern is not only brimming with small details but vibrant colors that provide an eye-catching palette for the space. A blue on the sides of the pattern borders the light pink, while a deeper purple tone adds a nice contrast. Because of its highly detailed look, you may even want to use this as a feature wall to create a specific area of interest in the room. This Bohemian-inspired pattern would be a welcome addition in places like a bedroom and living room.


Textured Paint R2781

Textured wallpaper is a great alternative for those who want a high-quality wall product but also something subtle or minimalist in terms of the imagery. Textured Paint simulates the look of paint but with a slightly rustic touch, making it look more handcrafted. Unlike paint, however, this pink wallpaper is not only designed to last the test of time, but it’s also extremely easy to apply (just check out our installation guides to see how simple it is).


Encircling Geometrics R5216

Geometric wallpaper is often used to add a modern touch to the space. This design in particular makes use of thin lines to create a contemporary look that emphasizes a sense of space and dynamic flow. The pastel pink has a neutral-color base, making it easier to use in spaces that may already be decorated. Geometric wallpapers are great for rooms that feature irregular shapes or are on the extremely small or large side. The pattern itself is very versatile and the pink color adds to its flexible usage.


Wooden Floral Print R5062

From something highly modern to something more traditional, this floral wallpaper adds a touch of nature to the indoor environment. The large-scale floral imagery is brought to life thanks to the small details, such as the shading on the branches and stylized shading on the leaf and flowers themselves. The pink color is bolder than a pastel, yet not as vibrant as a hot pink shade, making it an excellent choice for those who want to create a calming or relaxing atmosphere. With its gorgeous aesthetics, this pink wallpaper is the absolute definition of a showstopper! Use this floral wallpaper in areas where you want to make a big visual impact, such as a feature wall in the dining room or throughout the bedroom.


Abstract Tie Dye Canvas R5047

Vibrant pink wallpaper comes in all shapes and sizes. For our next “pretty in pink” selection, we’re going with this Tie Dye Canvas, which uses various shades of pink to create quite the visual effect! Abstract wallpapers, such as the one above, are more about color usage than the actual imagery since most of the time, there really isn’t a distinct picture or image at all. Consider going for a more minimalist look when using vibrant colors, especially since you don’t to create overwhelming colors within the space. Here, the bold pink colors are offset with a neutral-colored white background, creating a nice balance between the two.


Field of Watercolor Blossoms R5050

Last but not least, our final pick for the top 7 wallpapers is this stunning floral wallpaper. Unlike the previous floral design featured, this one is more on the stylized side, rather than traditional or classic. The overall theme is contemporary, making use of visual effects such as color gradients, a subtle painted background, and crisp lines to create a modern aesthetic. The flatter floral imagery is on the opposite end of more detailed images, and it all comes down to personal choice and which style you prefer.

And that wraps up “pretty in pink,” our top 7 pink wallpaper! We hope these spectacular pink wallpapers have inspired you to get creative with your own space!


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