Transforming Your Kid's Room With Wallpaper!

By using innovative, eye-catching designs mixed with a color palette that inspires creativity, you can transform your kid's room with wallpaper – it's that simple! In this article, we'll be focusing on using wallpaper in a child's bedroom, but a lot of the general tips and tricks do apply to wallpapering a playroom as well. Let's get started!


Best Wallpaper Patterns To Use In Your Kid's Room

Wallpaper patterns are more creative and imaginative than ever before! It's not just damask, floral, textures, and other long-standing designs that we often see, but we're talking dinosaurs, jungle scenery, outer space, and so much more!

Wallpaper designers today are creating more and more styles that appeal directly to the younger audience, making it even easier to create a space that they'll absolute love for years to come.

Some of the best wallpaper patterns you can use in your kid's room are those that contain unique imagery of things they already love. For example, this watercolor wallpaper below is the perfect choice for the little bookworm in your life.



On the other hand, in terms of wallpaper style or aesthetic, one way to make your wallpaper last as long as possible is to choose a wallpaper pattern that's more versatile or timeless. This way, even as your kids grow up, the wallpaper still suits the room. Examples of more flexible wallpaper patterns for a kid's room include stripes, such as the one shown below, polka dots, or more abstract designs in general.

The main similarity between these types of wallpaper patterns is they emphasize color over actual images or designs. While it may not be the most visually interesting compared to a pile of books, it will "last" longer in terms of the style still being relevant as your kids grow.


Grey Petite Pinstripe R5950


Best Wallpaper Colors To Use In Your Kid's Room

As with any space, the general rule of thumb is to use lighter colors in smaller spaces as it can make a room feel more spacious and brighter. Pastels and neutrals are always a good choice because they're versatile and can pair well with other furniture items and colors. Don't feel as if you "have" to use blue wallpaper for boys or pink wallpaper for girls – it's all about experimenting with colors you and your kids prefer.

Our wallpaper patterns come in a variety of colors, so if you found a pattern you and your kid(s) love, why not enter the name of the pattern into the search bar and see what other colors pop up? For example, our wallpaper naming system usually includes the color, but if you search "Metallic Polka Dot" in the shop's search bar, you'll see every single color that particular wallpaper pattern is available in.


Blue Metallic Polka Dot R5952

If you're using pastel or lighter colors, your options are much more flexible than using bolder or darker colors. For example, light red wallpaper in a kid's room adds a nice, stylish touch, but a darker red can be too overpowering and visually overwhelming. If your goal is to create a calming bedroom space for your child, then look at colors that create or promote a more relaxing atmosphere. Some examples include blue, green, yellow, and beige.


Dry Erase Wallcoverings Are A Good Creative Outlet!

Before we look at the top kid's wallpaper, keep in mind that dry erase wallcoverings are always an option. These unique wall décor products will create a fully writeable surface on your walls, allowing your kids to write and draw using dry erase markers. We've written quite a few articles on it in the past, so if you want to learn more, check out these articles below:


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Grey & Blue Dwindling Diamonds R6074


Blush Pink & Light Grey Dwindling Diamonds R6073

If you're looking for a more general design that can grow up alongside your kid(s), then geometric wallpaper patterns are a good starting option. It adds a nice, modern touch to the space while maintaining a fresh, clean look.

The room shot above features an interesting geometric print that’s made up of numerous diamonds, each section filled with different shades of gray and taupe. The close-up of the wallpaper, featured in pink and beige, shows just how simple the design is. Although it has a minimalist look, it still has a stylish finish that will add life to any kid's room!


White Tropical Paradise R6042


Sometimes a wallpaper pattern can work anywhere in the home, whether it's a dining room, living room, hallway, or a kid's bedroom or playroom. The flexibility of the imagery allows for a great deal of versatility in where it's used. Our next pick for kid's wallpaper is this fun tropical-themed pattern featuring a dense array of leaves.

With a lot of details to look out for (such as the birds that you may not have caught at first glance), it adds an exciting energy to the space. Wallpaper pattern and color can dramatically change the mood of the room and in this case, a kid's room can be more playful and imaginative!


Cream Cake Sprinkles R6056

For a funky, out-of-the-box look, Cake Sprinkles offers the perfect eclectic look (without any additional calories!). While this abstract wallpaper pattern features an explosion of different shapes and colors, it remains tasteful rather than tacky. It adds a nostalgic flair to the space that's complementary yet never intrusive or overwhelming.

Pictured above in one of the lighter color schemes, the white background has a heavily textured finish that gives the wallpaper some additional dimension. The textural look adds a sense of depth and a tactile appeal to the walls.


Beige & Pink Striped Ribbons R5986

If you want to get even more creative with wallpaper for your kid's room, why not use more than one wallpaper pattern? Mixing and matching wallpaper is an easy way to create a unique look that incorporates two distinct patterns.

In this room shot, the main wallpaper is the Striped Ribbons shown in pink and beige, while the complementary wallpaper is a plain textured print. It adds a minimalist yet on-trend look that can be used throughout the room. The plainer wallpaper pattern helps "balance" out the wallpaper with the imagery.


Blue Adorable Dinos R5970

For kids who absolute love their prehistoric friends, this next wallpaper is for them! Shown above in a blue color, this wallpaper features cute cartoon dinosaurs and plants that create a playful, engaging look.

The simplistic color scheme keeps this wallpaper print from becoming too complex or visually overwhelming and the solid white background helps to provide a balance to the blue colors. Consider using this as a feature wall and other plain or texture wallpaper as complementary patterns.


Grey Floral Cameo R5962

Last but not least, for an elegant aesthetic, Floral Cameo offers up a more traditional classic look compared to the others kid wallpapers on our list.

The soft gray provides a neutral colored backdrop that easily matches with other colors in your kid's room, such as furniture or other décor. Light gray can also be quite relaxing, creating a light atmosphere perfect for bedrooms.


Create The Perfect Room Your Kids Will Absolutely Love!

From abstract cake sprinkles to cute dino friends, wallpaper patterns for kid's rooms are more diverse than ever! For older kids, why not let them have a say in choosing wallpaper for their room? When you've narrowed down your choices to a small handful, order some free wallpaper samples and see what they think about the patterns!


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