5 Ways To Use Dry Erase Wallcoverings at Home

One of the most interesting and versatile wall décor products has to be dry erase wallcoverings. It's much different than regular home wallpaper or even wallpaper murals. At its core, dry erase wallcoverings are geared towards functionality. If you've ever wondered how to use these products in your own space, keep reading because in this article, we're going through 5 different ways you can use dry erase wallcoverings in your home.


1. Dry Erase Wallcoverings In Your Home Office

As a budget-friendly option, the WALLS IQ Dry Erase High Gloss Wallcovering is the standard dry erase product in our collection. It's a no-frills product that transforms your walls into a fully writable surface. Using dry erase in your home office can help improve productivity, providing you with another workspace. All you need are some dry erase markers and a dry wipe to erase any markings – it's that easy!

Like most of our other dry erase wall décor products, our high gloss dry erase wallcoverings are sold in panels so you can order as much or as little as you need. Whether you want to transform every single wall in your home office into a writable surface or just one, the flexibility of these products can't be understated.



2. Dry Erase Wallcoverings In Your Kitchen

Our WALLS IQ Dry Erase Magnetic wallcovering not only comes with the regular writable surface, but it has a magnetic backing as well, perfect for attaching loose papers and other items to the surface. One place you might not have thought to use dry erase wallcovering is your kitchen. Some interesting ways to use dry erase include writing down recipes, jotting notes on what to buy for your next trip to the grocery, your daily to-do list, a calendar, and more.

Since the kitchen is one of the communal spaces in the home, having this dry erase board in an area that everyone can access only increases its usability and versatility. Dry erase wallcoverings can improve the functionality of the kitchen in unexpected ways!



3. Dry Erase Wallcoverings In Your Entertainment Room

Each of our dry erase wallcoverings offers something unique, and the same can be said about our next one. Whether you're decorating a movie room or an entertainment room in general, WALLS IQ Low Gloss Dry Erase is your go-to product. As the name implies, it has a low-gloss finish that's perfect for using with projection devices – a must-have for movie night! This is a great addition to the space, especially since the basic white color of the dry erase means you'll be getting crisp, true colors from the projection device you're using.




4. Dry Erase In Your Basement

The basement itself is a versatile space so what better way to make it even more functional than to add the most versatile of wall décor products. Whether the basement is the hub for study sessions, a creative workspace, or anything else in between, dry erase wallcoverings can be a beneficial product that increases the sense of engagement.

Because basement walls can be on the mid-to-large size, homeowners may find it more cost effective to use our WALLS IQ Dry erase Clear Paint Solution instead of our dry erase panels. With paint, you can control the exact shape and size of the dry erase surface, giving you more flexibility.



5. Dry Erase In Your Kid's Playroom/Bedroom

Last but not least, adding dry ease wallcoverings to your kid's playroom can be an excellent way to encourage engagement, creativity, and learning. Whether children are using it as a canvas for their latest artwork or a place to practice their ABCs, dry erase offers a world of possibilities.

Keep in mind that as kids grow up, they'll still find a lot of use with their dry erase wall. Even as kids grow into their teenage years, the dry erase wallcovering surface can be used as a study guide, a way for them to brainstorm, keep notes, and more.



Dry Erase Wallcoverings For Your Home!

Our dry erase wallcoverings are a clean, mess-free alternative to similar products like chalkboards. Easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain, be sure to explore the different ways dry erase wallcoverings can benefit you! We'd love to hear from you so be sure to share this article using the social media links below and let us know your thoughts.


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