Transforming Your Home Office With Wallpaper

We're slowly working our way through the home, first by transforming your bedroom with wallpaper. Next up is a place that doesn't get nearly enough love or attention – your home office! For those who have a separate room at home where they engage in their work, transforming this space is as easy as adding unique wallpaper that gives the room a different style. Whether you're looking to create an environment that's tasteful and won't distract you from your work or one that's full of color and character, this guide will help you transform your home office with wallpaper!


Transform Your Home Office Using Wallpaper

The term "home office" refers to a specific room within the house, but the type of work being done in it can vary. Some might use their home office as their creative space for art and design, while others may use it for administrative work. When choosing what wallpaper color to use in your home office, it's important to think about the type of work you engage in.

Those engaged in more artistic styles of work may find that they want a home office that reflects their artistic nature. In this case, bold or out-of-the-box colors can help transform a dull or drab room into a creative oasis. Other workers may want to keep their home office looking clean-cut and tidy, in which case certain wallpaper colors will be less distracting, such as neutrals (e.g. brown, beige, white, black, etc). Whatever the case, your home office wallpaper should be a reflection of how you want to structure your work flow and work environment.


Above the Ocean M9294


In terms of patterns, large-scale patterns tend to be more dramatic, while small to mix-sized patterns are less noticeable or distracting. Again, this comes down to your personal tastes and how you envision your home office functioning. Like color, wallpaper pattern for your home office can help set the mood. A tranquil ocean wallpaper mural or traditional floral patterns can create a relaxing, nature-inspired mood. On the other hand, indistinct imagery or abstract wallpaper patterns can add a splash of color while being less distracting.


Cool Abstract Painted Mountains R5899


Wallpaper Colors To Use In Your Home Office

If your goal is to create a functional, non-distracting environment that's still stylish, consider looking at neutral or pastel wallpaper colors first. Lighter colors, like pastels, tend to make a room look and feel larger. This sense of space can create a more relaxing environment, increasing your productivity and work flow.

On the other hand, if you want to get really creative with your wallpaper colors, consider out-of-the-box colors like orange, green, or even metallic!

Color can have a major impact on the space and its mood. One of the colors that many interior designers use in offices and workspaces is blue because it has a professional, relaxed appearance that's available in many diverse shades.


Our Top Home Office Wallpaper!


Light Green Abstract Wheat Field R6034

For a heavily textured, artistic aesthetic, let's give our attention to one of the newer wallpaper patterns in our catalogue. Inspired by Van Gogh's art style, this abstract wallpaper adds a touch of creativity to any home office. It features an array of different colors but it's never overwhelming visually. Instead, the neutral tones like beige and brown pair perfectly with the greens and mustard yellows. The sweeping "brushstrokes" is a layer of detail that adds a sense of movement to the walls with its curves and direction. For a more neutral color scheme, check out the beige wallpaper version that has a more earthy tone.


Reflective Quadrilaterals M9440

Unlike regular wallpaper rolls, wallpaper murals are best used on a single wall as a "feature" or "accent" wall. This is a great way to spice things up in your home office but maintain a clean, professional look that isn't distracting.

From an abstract design with a classical touch to a highly contemporary wallpaper mural, our next pick for your home office is the complete opposite of the previous wallpaper. This features a more vivid color scheme filled with different shades of blue that capture our attention immediately. The sharp angles and shapes contrast nicely with the textured overlay that stretches across the entire wallpaper mural. For those who want to create a big visual impact in their home office, this wallpaper mural is for you! To complete the look, we recommend pairing it with white wallpaper on the other walls to give the space a more minimalist look.


Blue Metallic Polka Dot R5952

Sometimes, a minimalist look is all you need to complete your home office look. For office spaces that are on the smaller side, finding the perfect wallpaper pattern that's suitable for your room can be challenging. After all, you don't want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong pattern and make your home office look even smaller! For smaller home offices, we recommend this polka dot wallpaper, featured above in a gorgeous pastel blue. It's a very versatile wallpaper print that can be easily used even in tiny home office spaces. The simplicity of the design and color scheme works together to create an understated yet on-trend look nonetheless.


Driving Through a Winter Forest M9404

Who says it can't be a winter wonderland all year long? For those who love the look of snow-covered scenery but prefer to stay toasty warm inside, this absolutely stunning wallpaper mural is for you. Featuring a bird's eye view of long road in the middle of winter, the simple color scheme is a nice contrast to the sheer amount of visual details present. From the branches of the trees to the snow on the road, wallpaper murals bring photos to life. In most cases, wallpaper murals work best in mid to large-sized rooms. Installing this wallpaper mural on the largest wall of your home office will create an astounding look that is sure to transform the space.


Scratched Flannel C7297

Last but not least, you can look to our collection of commercial wallpaper for even more wall décor options. This category features wallpaper with higher durability than regular home wallpaper, which is perfect for spaces where you want to easily maintain the cleanliness of your walls (most of our commercial wallpapers feature washability and scrubbability). Our favorite commercial wallpaper for home offices has to be this Scratched Flannel. It adds a subtle textured look to the room with its "static" look, while the colors are versatile enough that you can easily slot it into spaces with pre-existing décor.


Make Your Home Office A Place You WANT To Work In!

From bold colors and images to nuanced, clean-cut prints, wallpaper and wallpaper murals for your home office is a great way to inject your personality and preferences into a place reserved for your work space. Do you work from or at home? What type of wallpaper colors or patterns would YOU use in your space? Let us know in the comments below!


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