Customizing Wallpaper Murals For Your Business

In our previous article, we listed the top 5 reasons why you should use a wallpaper mural for your business. In this article, we'll be going more in-depth on the ways you can customize a wallpaper mural for your business and why you would want to do it in the first place.


What Are custom wallpaper murals?

Custom wallpaper murals are one of the main wall décor categories offered at Walls Republic. These are large-scale wallpapers that are a bit different than your average wall décor product. They usually feature a single image instead of repetition (though some do have repetitive or symmetrical designs). Unlike regular wallpaper, murals are installed in panels instead of rolls.

Wallpaper murals are generally used on a single wall and act as a feature wall. Some patterns, such as faux effect wallpaper murals, can be used throughout the space. Because of the large imagery and emphasis on creating a stunning visual effect within the space, wallpaper murals are best used on mid to large sized walls. This makes it a great wall décor option for commercial spaces!


Retro Rhombuses M9456


Ways to customize a wallpaper mural for your business space

There are many ways business owners can customize a wallpaper mural to suit their needs. Below, we'll go over some ways you can "edit" or customize a mural so that it's not only one-of-a-kind, but perfect for your business and space.


Add a custom quote to your mural. Some examples can be the name of your business, your business' catchphrase or motto, values or principles of your business, and more. Adding text to a wallpaper mural can help create a stronger connection between the imagery of the mural, the meaning of the quote/text, and the space the reader is in.



Change the size of the mural. One of the simplest ways business owners can customize their wallpaper mural is by changing the size. On a mural's product page, you can choose between a default mural size and a "custom size" (see the screenshot above). By selecting Custom Size, you'll be able to edit the wallpaper mural dimensions right down to the exact inch.



Change the color of the mural. Some of our wallpaper murals are already available in different colors, like this Tokyo At Night cityscape wallpaper mural. However, you can further request color changes using the custom image form found here. For a dramatic effect, black and white provides an iconic aesthetic that goes with everything, while a sepia color scheme has a vintage appeal. If you want a bold look for your commercial space, full color is always an option!



Create a wallpaper mural with your own photo. Photo wallpaper murals are one of the best ways to truly create a one-of-a-kind wall décor product. Walls Republic offers this option here where you can upload your own image and specify other features, such as the exact dimensions, substrate (material) selection, and more. It's a collaborative process – you'll be working with our in-house design team to custom create the wallpaper mural of your dreams! We even wrote a guide on how to choose an image for a custom photo wallpaper mural, which you can read here!

However, if you just want to edit a wallpaper mural that's currently in our collection, you can use simply paste the URL of the mural you want to edit. There's an option you can fill in under "Or Paste your link here."


Why customize a wallpaper mural for your business?

While regular commercial wallpaper adds a stylish touch to the space, wallpaper murals are on another level altogether. Just browse through our top mural categories and you'll see what we mean. Wallpaper murals are meant to stand out, transforming the space by adding a new characteristic and energy.

Because wallpaper murals are made-to-order (in other words, they're not printed until a purchase has been made), this allows for a myriad of customization options. Customizing a wallpaper mural specifically for your business adds a creative take on wall décor products. Suddenly, it's not just one among many, but a special one-of-a-kind wallpaper made specifically for your space. Making your business space stand out is key, especially for high competition industries such as restaurants, retailers, and hotels.


Stump Rings M8918

Business owners can also select specific images to use as their wallpaper mural, strengthening the connection between the décor and the brand itself. For example, for a clothing retailer, you may want to use professional photographs of models wearing clothing sold at the store.

As a side note, wallpaper murals are perfect for photo images because the printing process results in a high-quality, detailed finish. On a smaller scale, business owners can simply add an image of their logo to the wallpaper mural.

Start customizing A Wallpaper Mural For Your Business Today!

The biggest difference between wallpaper murals and regular wallpaper rolls is that with murals, you're in control! You can customize the mural to your heart's content, creating a stunning mural that's unique to you and your space. For even more helpful articles, be sure to check out our previous posts below!


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