Commercial Wallpapers For Healthcare Spaces

When designing a healthcare space, many people will often leave the walls for last, opting for a few quick layers of paint and call it a day. However, similar to choosing a wallpaper for your home, choosing the right wallpaper for your commercial space is just as important.

It can help unify the space, transforming it into a more visually engaging and welcoming atmosphere. In this article, we'll be looking at choosing commercial wallpapers for spaces related to the healthcare industry and why wallpaper just makes sense.


Commercial Wallpaper With Unique Benefits

Commercial wallpaper itself features many unique benefits geared towards the commercial or public space. For the healthcare sector, you may be surprised to find out that many of our commercial wallpapers has a particular feature that makes it absolutely perfect for healthcare spaces.

Bio-Pruf is a special finish that provides a high degree of antimicrobial protection. Coating the entire surface of the wallpaper, it mitigates mold and bacteria growth, which makes it ideal for healthcare environments that should be kept clean and safe.



To learn more about how Bio-Pruf works, be sure to visit their official site for more details. When exploring our collection of commercial wallpaper, some of the product descriptions may note the Bio-Pruf coating. If it doesn't, get in touch with our staff and we'll double check whether or not the product features the special Bio-Pruf coating. The antimicrobial finish on a commercial wallpaper is just one less thing to worry about!


Choosing Wallpaper That's Durable and Easy To Maintain

Whether it's a local pediatrician's office, a small dental clinic, or a large-scale hospital, choosing wallpaper that's durable and easy to maintain even in the toughest of environments is key. Over time, the paint color can fade and get chipped – it also doesn't provide adequate protection for the walls.

That's where commercial wallpaper comes in. It's thicker than regular home wallpaper, providing more of a cushion for the wall it's installed on. Many of our commercial wallpapers, especially the vinyl wallpapers, have a durable top coat that can withstand bumps and scrapes.



With a high lightfastness rating, this means commercial wallpaper maintains its true, original color for much longer. It really is a product you can enjoy for years to come!

Also, commercial wallpaper is easy to clean, with the majority being fully scrubbable and washable. Surface dirt and grime can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild or gentle cleaning solution. Cleanliness is an important factor for all healthcare spaces.


Establishing A Specific Mood

For lobbies and the receptionist area, you may want to be more creative with your wallpaper choice, such as using a wallpaper mural. These large-scale wall décor products feature a lot more imagery than commercial wallpapers, giving the space an on-trend look with more color and detailed patterns. With all healthcare spaces, moderation is key and it's important to understand the type of mood you want to create.

Wallpaper pattern and colors can be used to establish a specific mood within the space. For example, designing a patient's room will be much different than choosing wallpaper for the waiting room at a dental clinic. For a patient's room, you'll want to look for wallpaper that's more calming, one that provides a nice balance between engaging and relaxing.



Since color can have an impact on our mood, using the appropriate wallpaper color in healthcare spaces can establish the specific atmosphere you want to create. Pastel colors, such as light blue or green can create a welcoming and peaceful aesthetic. In general, if you're choosing wallpaper for a large space or many rooms, stick to lighter colors since it promotes a more open, optimistic aesthetic. Lighter wallpaper colors tend to emphasize space within the room, whereas darker colors make a room feel more enclosed or smaller. Darker commercial can be used, but use them sparingly! For example, try pairing a darker wallpaper mural as a feature wall with lighter complementary wallpaper to balance out the colors.


Commercial Wallpapers Add Style While Looking Professional

In a lot of healthcare spaces, the typical image is of a bland, uninspired, colorless room. Commercial wallpapers can change all of that by introducing color and pattern to the walls. What's great about commercial wallpaper is that they're the perfect blend of style and professionalism. These types of wall décor products feature small-scale designs that emphasize textures or geometric prints. For more on why textures commercial wallpaper is so popular among interior designers, click here to read our previous article!



The thing with commercial wallpaper is that their stylishness is quite subtle, making it really universal in its appeal and usage. Whether you're using a commercial wall product throughout the space or as a complimentary wallpaper to a feature wallpaper mural, there's no denying that commercial wallpaper is leaps ahead of plain paint in terms of style.


Commercial Wallpaper For Healthcare Spaces Makes Perfect Sense!

Commercial wallpaper products are manufactured with several benefits that make it perfect for healthcare spaces. From keeping a clean environment with a special Bio-Pruf coated surface to adding a touch of home to the room, be sure to check out our extensive collection of commercial wallpaper patterns for your project!


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