Why Use Texture Commercial Wallpaper?

When you're designing your next commercial space and looking for the right wallpaper to use, you'll come across different patterns and designs, each with its own unique flavor. Within our commercial wallpaper collection, there is one style category that's much more prominent than the rest: textures commercial wallpaper. In this article, we'll go through the top 5 reasons why textures wallpaper is so common.


1. Textures Commercial Wallpaper Patterns Are Flexible

Are you decorating a restaurant? Bedrooms in a hotel? Hallway of a business office? The waiting room at a salon? Textures commercial wallpaper can do it well and it can do it all. As the most flexible wallpaper pattern, textures commercial wall décor products are so commonly used because there's literally no space that doesn't look decent using textures patterns.

Basic Texture C7388

What makes textures commercial wallpaper designs so flexible? First, it doesn't feature any large-scale imagery. Its pattern can be described as minimal, small-scale, or condensed. In other words, it focuses on textures, which is a more abstract style of imagery that translates well across a variety of different commercial applications.


2. Textures Commercial Wallpaper Patterns Are Easy to Use

Some wallpaper with large-scale imagery just doesn't look that great in a small room, especially since smaller walls allow for less "breathing space." On the flipside, small-scale wallpaper imagery may look odd or get lost in a larger room with more massive wall space. Textures commercial wallpaper patterns don't have this issue because yes – they're that easy to use!

For last-minute design projects, scrambling to find the perfect wallpaper pattern to fit into your interiors can be a challenge. Instead of stressing over what pattern to use, textures commercial wallpaper is the solution. 


3. Textures Commercial Wallpaper Patterns Are Subtle

If the idea of using flashy or "out there" wallpaper designs just isn't for you, then textures commercial wallpaper patterns will definitely be up your alley. It's a much more minimalist pattern that doesn't feature large-scale imagery but – as its name implies – emphasizes textures or non-distinct imagery. Whereas other wallpaper designs can be subjective in terms of its imagery, textures wallpaper is more generic in its approach – and this isn't a bad thing at all! It tries to be appealing to everyone by creating more subtle stylish looks.

Because of the minimalist design, textures commercial wallpaper patterns really help unify the entire space rather than being front and center. It's serves as the perfect backdrop in the room, becoming the final touch that pulls the interior design together.


4. Textures Commercial Wallpaper Patterns Are Tactile

From wallpaper products that have a physically tactile finish to those that represent textures through its visuals only, textures commercial wallpaper patterns have a visibly tactile look that give the walls a different dimension. Taking a flat, 2D surface and adding a sense of depth can create a unique look within the space that's very nuanced.

The characteristics of textures commercial wallpaper can vary. Some offer a softer or more plush visual or tactile look. These include products that fall under the textile commercial wallpaper category. Some textures wallpaper patterns have a harsher or more rigid look that gives it a more contemporary aesthetic, such as those that incorporate a compact geometric-inspired look.


5. Textures Commercial Wallpaper Are Focused On Color

Lastly, textures commercial wallpaper are so commonly used among interior designers is because they offer a nice splash of color within the space. Imagery or actual patterns isn't the main focus of textures wallpaper. However, these types of wallpapers do well by adding a colorful aesthetic that is uniform throughout its design.


Marbled Metallic Pale Beige Natus Wallpaper C7158

You might wonder why you'd use textures commercial wallpaper over regular paint – after all, both focus on color. The answer is that with textures commercial wallpaper, you're getting more a lot more benefits than paint. Commercial wallpaper is durable, easy to clean and maintain, and the texture patterns offer a step up in terms of style. Paint can eventually look faded or dull over the years, but textures commercial wallpaper is manufactured with a high lightfastness rating (in other words, it retains its true colors even after being exposed to sunlight).


The Universal Appeal of Textures Commercial Wallpaper!

Versatile, minimalist, and always a stylish option for any commercial space, these are just some of the many reasons why textures wallpaper patterns are so commonly used by interior designers! Personally, we love how easy it is to use in hard-to-decorate spaces. Sometimes a subtle yet colorful look goes a long way!


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