Machine Washable Rugs | Washing Instructions


The rug is simply washable in a washing machine:



  • At maximum 30 C / 86 F washing program during maximum 53 min selecting the delicate washing program reducing considerably the tumbling program
  • Thumbling with a maximum of 800 tours per minute
  • Drying on washing rack with both sides of the rug hanging downwards
  • Using Woolite or similar washing product
  • At the end of the washing program, remove the rug immediately from the washing machine and lay it on the dry rank. Fold the carpet from inside to outside to enter the washing machine.  
  • Start position to fold:

The signature is up, and the upper side of the rug is down

Start folding the rug in the easiest direction fold it from left to right (folding in this direction the signature backing of the rug doesn’t stay blown up showing resilience or resistance but folds very easily)

Fold also the other side of the rug in the same way from the right to the left

Repeat the way you keep finally only one stripe of the rug

Start folding now the stripe by folding the left part to the right

All edges of the rug are now inside and are protected from tumbling

Entry the rug into the washing machine

The rug has been developed not to absorb much water. After washing, the rug is dry in a minimum of time. When the rug is nearly dry, we advise laying it back on the floor in its final position on top of the underlay.



  • Don’t dry your rug on the flat floor but dry it on a wash (dry) rank or on a banister with both sides of the rug hanging downwards
  • Don’t dry the rug in a dryer or use the drying program of your washing machine
  • Don’t dry the rug in the sun.