Machine Washable Rugs | Maintenance and Care


Your rug has been woven using special techniques for technical textiles and is strong and highly resilient. 

To fold your rug in a way it can be stocked in the least space and stay ever beautiful as always, please follow the folding guidelines:

  • The rug will be folded from outside to inside.
  • Start folding position: the upper side of the rug is on top.
  • The signature backing is down.
  • Start folding the rug from right to left in the easiest direction to fold it (folding in this direction the signature backing of the rug doesn’t stay blown up showing resilience or resistance but folds very easily).
  • Repeat folding also the other side of the rug from left to right in the same way.
  • Repeat the way you keep finally only one strip of the rug.
  • Start folding the stripe now by folding the left and right parts and then rolling the right to the left.
  • Repeat the same with the underlay.
  • Put the rug on the underlay and store it in a place that is comfortable for you.