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Faux Effects Wallpaper

Raw materials, such as brick and wood, can be messy and challenging to install and maintain. However, our faux finish wallpapers provide a photorealistic look that mimics these on-trend materials at a fraction of the cost. Our collection of faux finish wallpapers provide a budget-friendly solution that mirrors rich, realistic textures including rough red brick wallpaper, weathered wood wallpaper, crackling concrete wallpaper, structured stone wallpaper and more!

Faux effects wallpaper are a stylish choice for interior design, thanks to its contemporary and timeless aesthetics. Marble wallpaper provides a high-end, sophisticated look, while brick, wood, and concrete patterns are annual favorites.

If you fancy faux wallpapers and want to add a unique charm and character to your space, browse our faux finish wallpapers now! Also, be sure to check out our guides and resources for more on faux effects, with everything you need to know about brick to creating industrial chic spaces with concrete, and more.

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