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Traditional Classic Wallpaper

The key to creating a room with a traditional look is by focusing on elegance and sophistication. Traditional wallpaper styles often use floral elements and damask patterning, but you’ll also find geometric patterns that are subtler than contemporary geometric wallpapers.

Perhaps one of the most iconic styles in the traditional wallpaper category, damask wallpaper patterns offers that timeless elegance, giving the interior space a historic, classic look. Today, this category has continued to evolve so you’ll find traditional damask patterns with metallic embellishments, or perhaps a damask pattern overlaid on a faux finish background.

Striped wallpaper is also another classic pattern in the traditional home wallpaper category. Keep in mind that these wallpaper patterns can help create the illusion of a smaller or larger room. Wallpaper with horizontal stripes can make a wall look wider, making it a perfect fit for small spaces. On the other hand, wallpaper with vertical stripes can make a wall appear taller than it actually is.

Traditional wallpapers are often identified by its enduring classic quality that gives a room an air of refinement.

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