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Retro Wallpaper

Retro wallpaper offers that perfect, nostalgic look for any space, whether it’s used as bedroom wallpaper or living room wallpaper. With an aesthetic that is completely unique, it’s easy to dramatize a room with a vintage look.

The retro wallpaper patterns you’ll find in this category varies. Some wallpapers have a retro-inspired design while others use a retro color palette. For example, geometric wallpaper are mostly seen in the modern wallpaper category but you’ll find some wallpaper designers who have created interesting patterns that put a retro twist on the contemporary pattern. Other retro wallpaper may combine watercolor wallpaper with a tie dye aesthetic, creating a true blast from the past. A popular retro design is faux effect wallpapers, such as faded wood or weathered brick.

Whatever the pattern, retro wallpaper is all about creating a sense of a particular time within your space. Be sure to browse through our curated selection of retro and vintage-inspired wallpaper today!