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Bohemian Wallpaper

Beaded curtains, low mattress, dozens of rugs, brightly patterned throw pillows, and a lot of plants – sound familiar? If you’re planning on decorating the walls for your bohemian-styled room, look no further! Our bohemian wallpapers offer chic designs and interesting looks that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser and pull your room’s look together.

With a retro touch, our designer wallpaper collection features some of the most creative and innovative styles that are versatile too. Whether you’re currently designing your large kitchen or a small powder room, bohemian wallpapers are flexible and can be used in any space – residential or retail.

Bohemian designs are often inspired by visual motifs from the 1970s, which is what gives these wallpapers their iconic, vintage look. The general mood of bohemian wallpaper is relaxed and carefree, yet distinct. Within this category you’ll find a range of different colors that suits ever need, whether it’s vivid pink, periwinkle blue, or retro brown. Unleash your artistic side with these bohemian wallpapers!

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