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2021 Wallpaper Collection

As we wrap up the year, Walls Republic collaborates with sought-after Interior Experts so we can come up with the Emerging WallpaperTrend of 2021. These wallpaper picks will surely reign on this year of the Ox.

This wallpaper collection showcase what is in store for us this 2021. Find our affordable, modern, easy to install and popular wallpapers that will surely catch the attention of the crowd. These unique wallpapers in varieties of patterns, colors, and designs including geometric wallpaper, marble wallpaper, floral wallpaper, classic wallpaper, faux wallpaper, 3D wallpaper, scenic wallpaper, speckled style wallpaper or abstract wallpaper, and of course the crowd’s all-time favorites which are tropical wallpaper and botanical wallpaper.

Let’s welcome 2021 in a grand manner! With our Biggest Wallpaper Sale this year-end season, it is more affordable than ever to reinvent and refresh your home for the year ahead with these unmissable wallpaper trends and interior ideas.

Grab your rolls now. Together we can bring your home into 2021 with a sensational home style.

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