Wood Wallpaper That "Wows"

Faux finish wallpapers, like wood, offer a highly contemporary design that is a natural fit for any part of the space, whether for a residential (e.g. home, apartment) or commercial (e.g. retail store, restaurant) area. In this article, we take a look at some recent wood patterns that have caught our attention. These ones stand out from the rest with their unique take on traditional wood wallpaper patterns, whether that’s through using different colors or design.


Wood Grain Faded Wallpaper Beige R4659


This particular wood wallpaper pattern stood out to us with its unique aesthetic, giving it a “groovy” or retro look. While most wood patterns we see have a strongly vertical or horizontal alignment, this one uses a wavy design that gives the wallpaper a more dynamic appearance. It’s much more abstract than typical wood wallpaper, making it a great choice for those who want to be creative with how their room looks.

The neutral beige/brown colors are a suitable choice in any space as it compliments other color palettes quite well. Our tip for using this pattern is to use it in an area with a lot of natural lighting. Lighter wallpaper tends to create the appearance of a more open or larger space. Combining this wood wallpaper with natural lighting works to imbue the space with a more welcoming tone. For a commercial space, we think this wood wallpaper fits with a more casual setting, such as a café, a restaurant, or a clothing store. The wavy design gives off a more playful appearance, rather than a high-end feel.


Wood Weathered Herringbone Wallpaper White and Grey Brown R4664


For a more traditional wood wallpaper look that still uses a lot of creativity, this one is perfect. We absolutely love the herringbone style! Its repetitive design mixed with the different shades of beige and brown create an appealing atmosphere for any modern space. The various shades mix together and it looks like a contemporary take on a gradient scale. This pattern is also detailed enough to use as a feature wall in spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Similar to the previous wood pattern, this one has a more casual aesthetic and would be perfect for similar spaces. Those wanting to create a feature wall can also use this pattern successfully given its high degree of detail. Pair it with a plain or textured wallpaper in a similar tone and you’ve got a design that’s ultra trendy!


Faux Driftwood Grey Rustica Wallpaper R4333  


Moving on, this wood wallpaper is much more traditional, utilizing a vertical design alignment that gives the walls an illusion of height. The warm brown colors create a rich, cozy atmosphere and in contrast to the previous wallpaper patterns, we think this one works best in more high-end settings or to create a designer look. The rustic details give a sense of history that is more in line with luxuriousness rather than a casual/playful aesthetic.

Using this wood pattern as a feature wall is also simple as you can see in the image above. The wood wallpaper on the feature wall helps to frame the important areas of the living room (i.e. the couch). It pairs nicely with the brown side wall to create a unified theme.


Vintage Wood Wallpapaper Light Blue and Orange R4785


Similar in design but using totally different colors, this vintage wood wallpaper has quickly become one of our all-time favorites. Of course, these bright tones are as far from “traditional wood” colors as you can get so it’ll be a hit or miss with some people. The teal and orange colors are absolutely gorgeous, adding a burst of color to the space. The aged look also contrasts the modern colors nicely. This wood wallpaper imbues the space with a contemporary and old-fashioned look.

With its bold colors, this wood wallpaper isn’t as flexible or versatile in its usage. When decorating a pre-existing area, it really depends on the current color scheme of the space and whether or not the teal and orange would fit in. We think this faux finish pattern works best when you’re designing a space from the ground up and are able to choose décor based on the wallpaper. Alternatively, using this wood wallpaper in a smaller space can also be a stylish choice. For example, a powder room or bathroom contains fewer décor items that may potentially clash with the vivid wallpaper.


Wood Stacks Wallpaper Brown and Beige R4675  


Last but not least, this wallpaper is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s such a creative take on wood patterns! The most common wallpaper designs typically feature a cross-section of wood but this one showcases wooden logs that have been assembled in an alternating pattern. The high degree of detail makes it useable as a feature wall but for those who want to make the space feel as if it’s a cabin, using it on all four walls is also an option.

Part of the “wow” factor with this particular pattern is its realistic appearance. The photographic details rival that of wallpaper murals, giving the space an authentic feel. Because the design is on the larger side, this wallpaper is best used in spaces with larger walls, such as living rooms, kitchens, retail stores, and offices.


Wood Wallpaper - The Trendy Choice

Wood wallpaper is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon! This popular faux finish subcategory of wallpaper is great for creating modern, cozy spaces. What’s really interesting to see is how new patterns are designed, incorporating both different styles and colors.


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